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For this item's augmented variant, see augmented crystal pickaxe.
Crystal pickaxe detail.png

The crystal pickaxe a level 70 Mining pickaxe. 70 Attack is required to wield it.

The pickaxe is obtained by trading a dragon pickaxe and 4,000 harmonic dust to Lady Ithell in the Ithell Clan district of Prifddinas (also requiring Plague's End). Players may convert their crystal pickaxe back to a dragon pickaxe by speaking to Lady Ithell; however, they will not be given back the harmonic dust previously used to upgrade the tool.

If the player has an Imcando pickaxe or a gilded dragon pickaxe, Lady Ithell will first downgrade it to a dragon pickaxe before upgrading it to the crystal pickaxe. If a gilded dragon pickaxe was used to create a crystal pickaxe, it will remain gilded if it is downgraded again.

The crystal pickaxe may be added to the tool belt. Players who wish to augment a crystal pickaxe already on their tool belt they may right-click it in their toolbelt to remove.

It is also one of the three required items to make Pickaxe of earth and song.

Combat Stats
RequirementsCrystal pickaxe equipped.png
70 Attack
Attack.png MeleeMain hand slot.png
Average (3.6s)
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses

Mining[edit | edit source]

Crystal pickaxe.pngCrystal pickaxe
Mining level Mining 70
Penetration 140
Damage (per swing)
Minimum 39
Maximum 109
Average 74

Special attack[edit | edit source]

The crystal pickaxe's special attack, Shock

Just like the dragon pickaxe, the crystal pickaxe has a special attack, Shock, which requires 100% adrenaline and drains your opponent's Attack, Ranged, and Magic by 5%.

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Even though the mining requirement is level 70, the pickaxe can only be obtained in Prifddinas after finishing Plague's End which has a non-boostable requirement of 75 mining.
  • When trying to gild the crystal pickaxe, the nymph will say "That pickaxe is coated with crystal. I'm so sorry. I don't understand elven magic well enough to add gold to crystal."
  • Currently a bug exists where more than 4,000 harmonic dust can be taken by Lady Ithell if attempting to upgrade a dragon pickaxe to a crystal pickaxe.
Facts about "Crystal pickaxe"
All Is members onlytrue +
All Item ID32,646 +
All Junk chance21.9 +
All Release dateNovember 10, 2014 +
All Value0 +
All Weight2.267 +
Attack range1 +
Attack stylecrush +
Combat classmelee +
Equipment JSON{"tier":1,"accuracy":110,"style":"crush","slot":"main hand weapon","speed":"average","class":"melee","attack_range":1,"damage":0} +
Equipment slotmain hand weapon +
Equipment tier1 +
Is members onlytrue +
Item ID32,646 +
Item JSON{"edible":"no","members":"yes","stack
{"edible":"no","members":"yes","stackable":"no","stacksinbank":"yes","death":"reclaimable","name":"Crystal pickaxe","bankable":"yes","gemw":false,"equipable":"yes","disassembly":"yes","release_date":"10 November 2014","id":32646,"release_update_post":"Prifddinas - Lost City of the Elves - Part 2","lendable":"no","destroy":"You cannot reclaim the crystal pickaxe. You will need to give Lady Ithell in Prifddinas a dragon pickaxe and 4,000 harmonic dust to sing a new one.","highalch":0,"weight":2.267,"tradeable":"no","examine":"A dragon pickaxe encased in crystal.","noteable":"no"}
encased in crystal.","noteable":"no"} +
Junk chance21.9 +
Kept on deathreclaimable +
Location restrictionsurface +
Release dateNovember 10, 2014 +
Value0 +
Weapon accuracy110 +
Weapon attack speedaverage +
Weapon damage0 +
Weight2.267 +