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Crystal outcrops are crystals infused with the blessings of the River Salve. They glow in an iridescent shade of purple and can only be found in the bottommost level of the Abandoned Mine. They are used for obtaining Salve shard to make the useful Salve amulet. One must cut a shard off these to finish the Haunted Mine quest.

History[edit | edit source]

In the Fourth Age, after the Morytania-Misthalin war, Lord Drakan found the mine and began mining operations. The newly blessed Salve began seeping into the lower levels, where the crystals were found. The Crystals absorbed the blessings and became imbued with holy power. When the miners finally uncovered the bottom floor and found the crystals, they immediately informed Drakan. He ordered the mine shut down immediately, trapping all within. This was most likely due to the Holy energy that was found in the crystals. A powerful guardian was put in place, and the Crystals remained untouched for many years, absorbing more holy energy, and growing.

Tarn Razorlor, supposedly in the early Fifth Age, discovered these crystals in the books about the History of Morytania. Being a powerful magic user and necromancer, he learned how to enhance a Crystal Shard with the intent of gaining one from the mine himself. After a rather abysmal showing against Treus Dayth, he set up base in an ancient temple connected to the mine, and practiced his art while he waited, letting the years go by, slowly drifting into insanity as he made plans to get his hands on the crystals.

In the Year 169 of the Fifth Age, a Saradominist zealot discovered texts proving existence of a powerful force in the mine. The player manages to obtain the information from him, steal his key to the mine, kill the guardian and find the crystals. From then on they can make the Salve amulet. The player then goes on to find Tarn's lair, successfully avoiding and defeating many traps, and then confronts Tarn. He is defeated, along with some of his minions, and his personal headquarters is opened up. Texts are found and the player learns how to enhance the salve amulet.

Uses[edit | edit source]

The Crystal Outcrop can be cut with a chisel to receive a Salve shard. With this, one may do the following:

Salve amulet[edit | edit source]

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When the shard is used with a ball of wool, a player then crafts the Salve amulet. It gives the wearer a 15% damage and accuracy boost while fighting undead monsters. This boost works on a large variety of undead creatures, including shades and ghasts.

Salve amulet (e)[edit | edit source]

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After the completion of Haunted Mine, and having crafted a Salve amulet, one may venture through the miniquest Lair of Tarn Razorlor. The reward for completing the miniquest is Tarn's diary. Using the diary on a Salve amulet will cast the enchantment of Tarn on it, increasing the boost to 20% while fighting undead monsters.

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