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The crystal key is used to open one of two crystal chests; one is located inside Ivy Sophista's house in Taverley, the other in the Iorwerth Hall in Prifddinas which has a different drop table in comparison to the chest in Taverley. You can find the comparison between the two crystal chests here.

It is created by combining a tooth half of a key with a loop half of a key, displaying the message "You join the two halves of the key together." Doing so will grant you 10 Crafting experience. The crystal key can only be used on the chest once. After it is used, it disappears.

Tooth and loop halves can be obtained as rewards from Seren spirits, Barrows, the Evil Tree event, the Gnome Restaurant activity, Managing Miscellania, as well as burning Vyrewatch corpses. Luck enhancers increase the chance for halves to be dropped by monsters who have access to the rare drop table.

Prifddinas crystal chest[edit | edit source]

Using the crystal key in Prifddinas with a ring of wealth can prove useful, as all drops either give a small negative or larger positive trade, excluding any corrupted ore, crystal tree blossoms, or crystal motherlode shards you may find. You may also be very lucky and get a piece of dragonstone armour, easily making the effort worthwhile (although dragonstone armour doesn't always sell at its G E mid-price).

Calculator combining keys[edit | edit source]

Loop half Tooth half Full key Profit/Loss
10,304 10,338 21,250 608

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here.
  1. ^ a b There is further information on this drop; see the associated page for details.

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

Assembling the key parts

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 4 June 2018 (Update):
    • Combining multiple crystal keys at once no longer plays the combining sound repeatedly.
  • patch 6 May 2009 (Update):
    • Added sound effects when making a crystal key.