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This article is a strategy guide for Crystal Shapeshifter.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page.

Crystal Shapeshifters are Slayer monsters located on Tarddiad after completion of The Light Within.

Crystal Shapeshifters attack in a manner similar to revenants, attacking players based on their general weakness. However, the shapeshifter actively changes forms in response to player weaknesses, causing their stats to change. Both their offensive and defensive levels are 80. They have an affinity value of 90 towards their weakness, 65 from any other form of combat in that style, 55 from neutral attacks and 45 from resistant attacks. They do not move unless they are chasing after a target.

  • The melee form uses a crystal longsword and defender. Although the shapeshifter's attack animation consists of three swings, it only hits once. In this state, they are weak to fire spells.
  • The magic form has nothing equipped in their hands. In this state, they are weak to thrown attacks.
  • The ranged form is slightly hunched and is equipped with a bow. In this state, they are weak to stabbing attacks.

If the player is equally weak to all styles, the shapeshifter will attack with magic by default. They will also respond to protection prayers/curses and switch to the second most effective combat style in response. If the player is equally weak to all combat styles but protects against magic, the shapeshifter will start using melee attacks.

Shapeshifters are capable of using abilities. In addition to this, they may occasionally curl up into a spiked ball and roll around the player, dealing up to 2,500 melee damage, regardless of form.

They are aggressive by default, but this setting may be changed with a toggle option by Angof at any time.

Player-owned dungeon[edit | edit source]

Crystal shapeshifters are popular for high-levelled slayer training when placed inside the Sunken Pyramid - as such, 99 Slayer is required in order to access it. Shapeshifters will only spawn in their melee form in the pyramid, whereas Tarddiad's shapeshifters are already spawned in a specific combat style. Place the shapeshifters in the small room. If you are using four spawns, stand in the western area of the room. If you are using five spawns, stand in the eastern area of the room; standing on the west when intending to use all five spawns will cause the eastern most spawn to remain idle.

For this reason, if using melee or magic, power armour or an attuned crystal body must be worn along with tank armour ranged legs. This will make the player weak to melee, causing the shapeshifters to remain in melee form. Accuracy should not be an issue even if off-task with a tier 90 or higher weapon. Attuned crystal armour is highly recommended; along with being hybrid armour, the player will be wearing 3 to 5 pieces, which grants additional effects: increased crystal drops, a 10% damage increase against shapeshifters, a 6% chance to activate Tarddian Fury (working similarly to Aftershock) and also remove bleeds and stuns when the effect goes off.

The Sunken Pyramid offers even higher kill rates compared to Tarddiad and can even be done partially or completely AFK. Aggression potions are not required - simply have their aggression toggled on by Angof.

Using melee with the best equipment available will get more kills per hour, as access to the Zaros godsword special provides a significant boost in damage and pairs well with the many area of effect abilities, despite making the method less AFK due to the required manual activation of the special.

It is recommended to melee when starting with Crystal Shapeshifters, as players can take a lot of damage from the shapeshifters; melee-using shapeshifters initiate combat with Backhand, and will also use Smash to disable protection prayers/curses. For this reason, a Penance or Vampyrism aura is recommended; the former will usually negate the need for Prayer restoration, while the latter serves as food. Melee also has access to the scrimshaw of vampyrism to restore additional health.

Using magic has fewer requirements for AFK'ing shapeshifters, and can be done effectively with only the Inquisitor staff and attuned crystal armour set. Affliction provides a noticeable increase in survivability and kills per hour, but is not required.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

The equipment here assumes the player is killing shapeshifters in the Sunken Pyramid.

Invention perks[edit | edit source]

Weapon perks[edit | edit source]

Ranged tank armour legs perks[edit | edit source]

Power armour top perks[edit | edit source]

If wearing at least 3 attuned crystal armour pieces, wearing a power armour body alongside tank armour ranged legs will still cause the shapeshifters to go to melee range. This allows you to use additional DPS perks, which may be stronger than cinderbane gloves, which must be given up to retain the 3-set bonus of crystal armour pieces.

Scavenging 4 + Antitheism is an acceptable perk for this armour, as you will be using Soul Split.

The following perks are valid considerations, but considering the limited number of perk slots, are not used:

  • Genocidal - useful on a slayer task, but generally only for 15–30 minutes
  • Impatient - useful for melee on EoC
  • Crystal Shield - Defensive perk that has a chance to outright save you from dying if life points are stored in the shield. If you are picking a defensive perk, pick Crystal shield.
  • Clear Headed - Defensive perk that offers increased duration for Anticipation at the cost of damage reduction.
  • Absorbative - Defensive perk that outright reduces incoming damage. Crystal shield is better.

Archaeology relics[edit | edit source]

For 250 monolith energy, Berserker's Fury is a significant damage boost in any combat context and should be prioritised. Shapeshifters do a lot of damage, meaning the damage boost from this relic is more significant. Soul Split and scrimshaw of vampyrism (if meleeing) heals are proportionate to the damage dealt, so this relic also improves survivability.

If using EoC, Fury of the Small provides the next greatest damage increase at the cost of 150 monolith energy. For Legacy, using Death Ward can offer some peace of mind, though Inspire Awe is an alternative for greater XP rates.

Depending on ring choice, the Luck of the Dwarves relic power may be used instead of Fury of the Small, Death Ward, or Inspire Awe.

If you have leftover monolith energy, Font of Life is the best option. Those without a tier 4 Luck ring and relic power may also opt to use the Ring of Wealth relic power. Notably, because Crystal Shapeshifters have a level 80 Slayer requirement, you only require the Ring of Wealth to benefit from an increased chance of unique drops. You will, however, forego the chance of obtaining a Hazelmere's signet ring and the improved drops from the rare drop table.

Melee (EoC) relic powers[edit | edit source]

Mage (Legacy) relic powers[edit | edit source]

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