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This guide describes the most effective methods to train the Farming skill. Farming is a gathering skill which involves the player planting seeds in Farming patches that are found throughout RuneScape. The planted crops then grow in real time through differing numbers of growth stages.

Once the crop(s) have become fully grown the player may check its health to claim experience, and begin harvesting the crop for resources. Plants may become diseased over the course of their growth and will die if the disease is not treated. To prevent crops from dying, gardeners may be paid to watch over some plants; noted items can be used to save inventory space and time. Some farming patches do not have a gardner nearby, meaning that it is up to the player themselves to take care of the plant. The player can reduce the crop's chance of dying by applying compost, supercompost or ultracompost. These three composts can also increase the yield of some crops. Most, if not all farming patches also have a tool leprechaun (or elves in the Tirannwn region) nearby, who can store some farming equipment and also note various produce for free.

As the majority of Farming experience is obtained from checking a fully grown plants' health, levelling the Farming skill is most commonly done via "farm runs". A farm run involves the player quickly visiting as many patches of a particular type as possible to check the health of fully grown crops, remove them and replant new crops in their place. Farming training typically involves farm runs of trees, fruit trees and other special trees once the ability to plant these has been unlocked.

Useful equipment[edit | edit source]

Urns[edit | edit source]

Name Crafting level required to add nature rune GE price of non-runed urn Charges gained from Experience required to fill Experience gained for teleporting
Cracked farming urn.png: RS3 Inventory image of Cracked farming urnCracked farming urn 5 1,073 Check health and gathering up to and including level 12 1,100 220
Fragile farming urn.png: RS3 Inventory image of Fragile farming urnFragile farming urn 18 728 Check health and gathering up to and including level 30 2,500 500
Plain farming urn.png: RS3 Inventory image of Plain farming urnPlain farming urn 40 1,063 Check health and gathering up to and including level 53 4,500 900
Strong farming urn.png: RS3 Inventory image of Strong farming urnStrong farming urn 58 1,549 Check health and gathering up to and including level 72 5,500 1,100
Decorated farming urn.png: RS3 Inventory image of Decorated farming urnDecorated farming urn 84 4,878 Check health and gathering up to and including level 120 7,000 1,400

Urns can be used to gain additional Farming experience while training. When held in the inventory, urns are filled as the player farms. Only base experience counts towards filling the urn. Full urns can be teleported away to receive additional experience. Only one urn is filled at a time, though players may own up to a total of 10 full urns. If a player owns 10 full farming urns they must teleport at least 1 away before they can fill more urns. Urns are only tradeable in their (nr), non-runed, forms. In order to use a farming urn the player must add a nature rune to it; this makes the urn untradeable.

Players who have at least level 24 Invention and who have completed Nomad's Elegy can discover how to make an urn enhancer. When in the player's inventory the urn enhancer grants 25% additional experience for teleporting a full urn. This effect costs 20 charges from the player's charge pack. Assuming the player purchases divine charges from the Grand Exchange, it would cost 631.78 coins to use the urn enhancer when teleporting an urn.

Supercompost, ultracompost and Fertile Soil[edit | edit source]

Supercompost detail.png

A bucket of supercompost or ultracompost may be used on a Farming patch prior to planting a crop. This increases the amount of produce that is yielded when harvesting the fully grown plant (such as herbs), as well as reducing the chance of the planted crops becoming diseased. The chance of a plant that has been treated with supercompost dying is ~14%, while for ultracompost it is 7%. A bucket of supercompost costs 3,253 coins and grants 26 Farming experience when it is used to treat a Farming patch, which is 33,593 coins for ultracompost. After using a bucket of supercompost on a Farming patch the player is left with an empty bucket, worth 283 coins. Players who do not wish to receive these buckets can turn on the option "destroy empty buckets when farming" in the Miscellaneous Settings tab of the Game Settings options. Otherwise, empty buckets can be stored with the tool leprechaun for future use. Up to 2,000 supercompost and ultracompost may be stored with and later withdrawn from a tool leprechaun.

Supercompost is obtained by placing specific produce into the compost bin (refer to the page for eligible produce), while ultracompost is obtained by placing dragon manure (the waste of adolescent and older dragons) in the compost bin. Because of the high price of ultracompost, it should only be used if the seed costs more than 14 buckets of ultracompost (the inverse of 7%) or 470,302; as very few seeds cost that much, supercompost is more viable for long-term training.

Players who are on the lunar spellbook can alternatively use the Fertile Soil spell to treat a targeted patch with supercompost. Casting Fertile Soil grants 18 Farming experience and 87 Magic experience.

Always compost unprotected patches; there is no point in composting protected patches since the planted crop will never die.

Rapid Growth[edit | edit source]

Rapid Growth icon.png

Those who have finished The Light Within and have unlocked the Rapid Growth spell should consider using it on all of their tree and fruit tree patches once a day, if they choose to not pay to protect it. Because it removes one chance of dying from disease, it can be worth the price of one cast if the price of protection is higher than that. E.g. a payment of 25 coconuts for a magic seed costs 223,600 coins and the runes to cast the spell cost 9,831 coins (by using 3 soul, 3 water, 3 nature, and 3 earth runes). For the costs of other ways to cast the spell, for instance by using combination runes, see Rapid Growth.

Scroll of life[edit | edit source]

Scroll of life detail.png

A scroll of life can be used to unlock the ability to recover seeds from Farming patches. It can be bought for 10,000 Dungeoneering tokens and requires level 25 Farming and Dungeoneering to use. Its effect gives the player a 10% chance of receiving seeds back when removing dead or fully grown plants from patches, with the exception of flower and special patches. The player also gains a 5% chance of getting a seed back when clearing a tree or dead tree from a tree patch. Seeds recovered from fully grown patches are the same kind as those used to grow the plant, but seeds recovered from dead plants are a random seed of the same type that can be grown in that patch. The amount of seeds returned can be up to and including the number of seeds used to plant at the patch, e.g. up to 3 for an allotment patch.

Amulet of bountiful harvest[edit | edit source]

While wearing an amulet of bountiful harvest there is a chance that the player will conserve seeds while planting in an allotment patch. The amulet has 10 charges and can be bought from the Grand Exchange for 777 coins.

(Master) farmer's outfit[edit | edit source]

Name Experience boost
Farmer's hat.png: RS3 Inventory image of Farmer's hatFarmer's hat 1%
Farmer's jacket.png: RS3 Inventory image of Farmer's jacketFarmer's jacket 1%
Farmer's legwear.png: RS3 Inventory image of Farmer's legwearFarmer's legwear 1%
Farmer's cuffs.png: RS3 Inventory image of Farmer's cuffsFarmer's cuffs 1%
Farmer's boots.png: RS3 Inventory image of Farmer's bootsFarmer's boots 1%
Set bonus 1%
Total experience boost 6%

Wearing components of the farmer's outfit gives a percentage increase in the amount of base experience that is earned when gaining Farming experience. There are five pieces in the set: the farmer's hat, farmer's jacket, farmer's legwear, farmer's cuffs, and farmer's boots. Components of the farmer's outfit can be won from Treasure Hunter or purchased from the Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza reward shop.

A better version is the Master farmer outfit, which includes the effects of the Farmer's outfit, if owned. It gives a 10% increase in harvesting crops from hops, herb and allotment patches. It also gives a 10% chance to gain bonus produce from fruit trees and bushes. Herbs are auto-cleaned on harvest for Herblore experience. When training at the Manor Farm this outfit provides 7% faster growth, it gives a better chance for positive traits and gives 10% more beans upon selling animals. It also allows the player to cast Rapid Growth twice per day, instead of one.

The set also provides teleports to Manor Farm, Morytania allotment patches, Herblore Habitat and the Gnome Stronghold. This is not free however, as the player needs to complete the respective diaries for the former two, and they have to supply the teleport item itself for the latter two.

Players who obtain the farmer's hat add-on as well as a farmer's hat can combine these items to create the modified farmer's hat. In addition to granting a 1% Farming experience bonus, the modified hat gives 3 daily teleports to the Morytania allotment patch. When the modified hat is worn it also gives a 2% chance of saving seeds as they are planted.

Capes of achievement[edit | edit source]

Farming cape (t) detail.png

The Farming cape at level 99 Farming. When equipped, the cape gives a chance to instantly harvest all produce when harvesting from a farming patch.

Farming master cape detail.png

The farming master cape at level 120 Farming. In addition to the 99 cape perks, the cape also notes the harvested crops automatically, automatically treats farming patches with supercompost and allows the player to increase the health and happiness of all of their player owned farm animals by 20% once per day.

Players who own a Gatherer's cape, max cape, completionist cape, or trimmed completionist cape may use the farming cape on one of these capes to give it the farming cape's perk.

Torstol incense sticks[edit | edit source]

Torstol incense sticks detail.png

Each potency level of torstol incense sticks provides a 0.5% increase to base XP gain. The potency level will increase every 10 minutes and will reach its maximum at level 4 (+2% to base XP). Overloading consumes 6 sticks but instantly provides the maximum potency.

Green Fingers Auras[edit | edit source]

Tier Loyalty point cost Chance of extra crop
Individual Cumulative
1 Greenfingers aura.png Greenfingers aura 5,000 5,000 3%
2 Greater greenfingers aura.png Greater greenfingers aura 16,000 21,000 5%
3 Master greenfingers aura.png Master greenfingers aura 29,000 50,000 7%
4 Supreme greenfingers aura.png Supreme greenfingers aura 61,000 111,000 10%
5 Legendary greenfingers aura.png Legendary greenfingers aura 119,000 230,000 15%

Relic powers[edit | edit source]

Relic powers can be obtained through the Archaeology skill to unlock permanent passive buffs to assist in training Farming among other things. Only 3 relic powers with a combined energy cost of 500 or less can be active at one time.

Supreme Growth Potions[edit | edit source]

Players who have spent a lot of time with the Player-Owned Farm may find themselves starting to amass a stockpile of Beans. These can be spent at the Farmers' Market on Supreme growth potions. These potions, when used on a growing plant on the allotment, rapid-grows the plant to become ready for harvest. There are six different types of potions, each with different costs:

Potion Eligible patches Bean cost
Supreme growth potion (sundry).png: RS3 Inventory image of Supreme growth potion (sundry)Supreme growth potion (sundry) Mushroom, Allotment, Evil turnip, Hops 1,000
Supreme growth potion (leafy).png: RS3 Inventory image of Supreme growth potion (leafy)Supreme growth potion (leafy) Herb, Flower, Cacti, Belladonna 1,000
Supreme growth potion (bushy).png: RS3 Inventory image of Supreme growth potion (bushy)Supreme growth potion (bushy) Bush 1,200
Supreme growth potion (fruity).png: RS3 Inventory image of Supreme growth potion (fruity)Supreme growth potion (fruity) Fruit tree, Calquat 2,400
Supreme growth potion (woody).png: RS3 Inventory image of Supreme growth potion (woody)Supreme growth potion (woody) Normal, Elder, Spirit tree 4,000

The potions are only recommended to be used during a double experience event, to make the most use out of the cost. In addition, only fruity and sundry potions are worth buying for the best experience rates.

Summoning familiars[edit | edit source]

Summoning familiars can be used to boost your farming level or increase yield.

Familiar GE cost of pouch Summoning level required Familiar duration (minutes) Effect
Dreadfowl 250 4 4 Farming +1
Compost mound 831 28 24 Farming (+1 + 2% of level)
Stranger plant 2,447 64 49 Farming (+1 + 4% of level)
Giant ent 3,045 78 49 Improves yield when harvesting belladonna, cactus spines, bushes, or fruit trees

Active Methods[edit | edit source]

Manure mound (Level 1 - 9000 XP/Hr)[edit | edit source]

Manure mound.png

The Manure mound northeast of Granny Potterington's house at the Manor Farm and at Anachronia Dinosaur Farm can be continuously dug for 2.5xp per second. This is the fastest training method to level 15 (unlocking trees) taking 39 minutes 20 seconds to go from 1-15.

Seedicide (Level 7- 20,000 XP/Hr | Level 74 - 175,000 XP/Hr[edit | edit source]

Seedicide detail.png

Seedicide is an item which automatically destroys selected seeds dropped by monsters, in exchange for double the experience the player would gain from planting the seeds in a Farming patch. If the player does not have the level required to plant the seeds, however, no Farming experience will be awarded. It can be obtained through playing Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza, buying it from Stanley Limelight for 360 Thaler or purchasing from the Farmers' Market for 10,000 beans.

The seedicide is a good way to passively gain Farming experience without waiting for timed runs, and make some profit on the side.

There are several monsters that yield significant Farming experience gain through the use of seedicide. The most notable ones are turoths, which can yield up to 130,000-175,000 Farming experience an hour at level 74 Farming and require little to no attention to kill (method); aquanites, which can yield up to 160,000 experience an hour at level 91 Farming; and vyrelords, which are able to drop seeds worth approximately 90,000 to 120,000 experience an hour at level 74 Farming.

For lower levels, killing tortoises in the northern part of the Tree Gnome Stronghold can yield approximately 20,000 experience an hour at level 7 Farming and higher.

Foraging rumberry bushes (Level 86 - 30,000 XP/Hr)[edit | edit source]

There are several rumberry bushes on the south-western part of Tuai Leit in The Arc. The Arc can be accessed after completing the Impressing the Locals quest. Rumberry bushes can be harvested at level 86 Farming and give around 30,000 experience an hour. While harvesting from them players will gain rumberries and, on rare occasions, a rumberry seed. Players can be pricked by a thorn while foraging from the bushes: this interrupts the harvesting and causes the players to have to re-click the bushes.

Foraging mushroom clusters (Level 94 - 50,000 XP/Hr)[edit | edit source]

Mushroom clusters are a Farming resource that can be found in The Arc region after completing the Impressing the Locals quest:

The Islands That Once Were Turtles and Goshima - Level 90 Farming, 30,000 experience an hour at level 99 Farming with 700 chimes an hour. Yields 25-30 every 4-5 minutes with 1 minute replenish wait time. Randomly on some Uncharted Isles - Level 94 Farming, 50,000 experience an hour at level 99 Farming with 1200 chimes an hour. Limit is 100 a day for each cluster.

Completion of the Flag Fall miniquest allows the player to claim an uncharted isle and return to it; is also required to hunt clusters effectively. To find mushroom clusters on Uncharted Isles, the player must first gain some chimes from skilling in The Arc so that they can purchase the supplies required to voyage to Uncharted Isles. Supplies can be purchased from Rosie. When the player finds an Uncharted Isle with mushroom clusters then they can claim the island using a claim island flag. Once an uncharted isle is claimed the player may return to it for the price of 3 supplies per voyage: 5 supplies per day can be claimed for free from the box next to Rosie, capped at 10 days' worth of missed claims.

The mushroom clusters on Uncharted Isles can be harvested at level 94 Farming and yield 100 mushrooms before depleting. While harvesting the clusters players may be pricked by a thorn which deals damage and interrupts their foraging. Having a higher Farming level and using level boosts may reduce the chance of this occurring. At level 99 harvesting mushrooms grants an experience rate equivalent to 50,000 experience an hour. The harvested mushrooms can be sliced into sliced mushrooms and sold for more chimes, or be used as food for player-owned farm zygomites, and players have a 1/400 rate of finding zygomites while picking the clusters. The experience from harvesting mushroom clusters can further be bolstered by completing contracts given by Sojobo (contracts) on Waiko or via a Contract contact on an uncharted isle. Players may complete up to 3 contracts daily, and may purchase upgrades from Boni for a maximum of 7 daily contracts. Doing contracts, however, requires chimes to be able to reroll contracts until satisfactory Farming ones are assigned.

Tombshrooms (Level 109)[edit | edit source]

At level 109 Farming players can begin planting Tombshrooms. All Tombshrooms are harvested in one tick and are stackable, hence not much inventory space is required. With harvesting all at once, the base experience received is 9,032.4 regardless of how many are harvested since it is not received per item like other farming methods.

Steps to take

  1. Rake patch to remove weeds if weeds are present.
  2. Overload on Torstol incense sticks , activate the Brassica primer and activate your best Greenfingers aura.
  3. Use spore on the patch.
  4. Apply sundry potion and pick the tombshroom
  5. Repeat immediately steps 3 and 4 until boosts run out.
Boosts Value per bean
Base 68.15
Player-owned farm zygomite perk tier 1 Uncapped Potential (tier 1) 73.05
Player-owned farm zygomite perk tier 2Player-owned farm zygomite perk tier 2 Uncapped Potential (tier 2) 75.14
Elite Morytania achievements completed Elite Morytania achievements completed 138.06
elite Morytania achievements completedPlayer-owned farm zygomite perk tier 1 Elite Morytania achievements completed

Uncapped Potential (tier 1)

elite Morytania achievements completedPlayer-owned farm zygomite perk tier 2Player-owned farm zygomite perk tier 2 Elite Morytania achievements completed

Uncapped Potential (tier 2)

With above and gloomshroom zygomites chance 156.04
With above and harmony moss via perfect plus potion 156.57
With above and Tirannwn quiver 3 or 4 156.62

Patches[edit | edit source]

How to farm a patch:

Required items: 3 seeds per allotment patch or a sapling for a tree patch and teleports. Optional items: Supercompost/Fertile Soil and payments.

  1. Rake patch to remove weeds, if weeds are present, OR, if seeds have been planted previously, remove dead/check health and harvest from fully grown plant. Harvested crops may be used on tool leprechauns to note them, to free up inventory space. Weeds can be automatically removed by the nearby gardener if the player has completed A Fairy Tale III - Battle at Ork's Rift and has opted for the feature.
  2. Treat empty patch with supercompost (optional but highly recommended).
  3. Use seeds or sapling on the patch
  4. Pay farmer to watch crops (only for a few crops)

Allotments[edit | edit source]


There are 4 main allotments that contain 2 allotment patches, as well as a flower patch and herb patch. An additional single allotment patch is located at Taverley, that can only be used to grow potatoes. Head Farmer Jones will always protect this patch and potatoes never die. 3 seeds are required for each allotment patch. In addition to having the option of paying gardeners to look after them, allotment patches may be protected from disease and death if specific fully grown flowers are planted at nearby flower patches.

Level Seed Growth time GP per patch XP per patch Protection GP/XP
Flower Farmer
1 Farming Potato seed.png: RS3 Inventory image of Potato seedPotato seed 40 minutes

(4 x 10 minutes)

-392 x 3 98
(8 for planting and 9 x 10 for harvesting)
Marigolds.png: RS3 Inventory image of MarigoldsMarigolds Compost.png
2 buckets of compost
5 Farming Onion seed.png: RS3 Inventory image of Onion seedOnion seed 40 minutes

(4 x 10 minutes)

-386 x 3 114.5
(9.5 for planting and 10.5 x 10 for harvesting)
Marigolds.png: RS3 Inventory image of MarigoldsMarigolds Empty sack.png
Sack of potatoes
7 Farming Cabbage seed.png: RS3 Inventory image of Cabbage seedCabbage seed 40 minutes

(4 x 10 minutes)

-393 x 3 125
(10 for planting and 11.5 x 10 for harvesting)
Rosemary.png: RS3 Inventory image of RosemaryRosemary Empty sack.png
Sack of onions
12 Farming Tomato seed.png: RS3 Inventory image of Tomato seedTomato seed 40 minutes

(4 x 10 minutes)

-373 x 3 152.5
(12.5 for planting and 14 x 10 for harvesting)
Marigolds.png: RS3 Inventory image of MarigoldsMarigolds Empty sack.png
2 sacks of cabbages
20Farming Sweetcorn seed.png: RS3 Inventory image of Sweetcorn seedSweetcorn seed 50 minutes

(5x10 minutes)

-417 x 3 207
(17 for planting and 19 x 10 for harvesting)
Scarecrow.png: RS3 Inventory image of ScarecrowScarecrow 10 x Jute fibre.png: RS3 Inventory image of Jute fibreJute fibres
31Farming Strawberry seed.png: RS3 Inventory image of Strawberry seedStrawberry seed 60 minutes

(6x10 minutes)

-672 x 3 316
(26 for planting and 29 x 10 for harvesting)
None 1 x Apples (5).png: RS3 Inventory image of Apples (5)Apples (5)
47Farming Watermelon seed.png: RS3 Inventory image of Watermelon seedWatermelon seed 70 minutes

(7x10 minutes)

-3,217 x 3 593.5
(48.5 for planting and 54.5 x 10 for harvesting)
Nasturtiums.png: RS3 Inventory image of NasturtiumsNasturtiums 10 x Curry leaf.png: RS3 Inventory image of Curry leafCurry leaves
80Farming Snape grass seed.png: RS3 Inventory image of Snape grass seedSnape grass seed 200 minutes

(5x40 minutes)

-1,483 x 3 975
(175 for planting and 80 x 10 for harvesting)
None 15 x Dwellberries.png: RS3 Inventory image of DwellberriesDwellberries
87Farming Sunchoke seed.png: RS3 Inventory image of Sunchoke seedSunchoke seed 200 minutes

(5x40 minutes)

-531 x 3 303
(208 for planting and 95 x 1 for harvesting)
None 15 x Yanillian hops.png: RS3 Inventory image of Yanillian hopsYanillian hops
93Farming Fly trap seed.png: RS3 Inventory image of Fly trap seedFly trap seed 200 minutes

(5x40 minutes)

-490 x 3 275
(225 for planting and 50 x 1 for harvesting)
None 15 x Cadava berries.png: RS3 Inventory image of Cadava berriesCadava berries
Experience gain and cost values are based on:
  • Using buckets of supercompost to fertilise patches
  • Obtaining a yield of 10 produce on average (1 for Sunchoke and Fly trap seeds)
  • Paying a farmer to protect crops
Monetary gain and cost values are based on:
  • Buying seeds and selling harvested crops at current Gold Exchange prices
  • Buying Supercompost at current Gold Exchange price: 3,253
  • A 14% chance of dying if not protected

Patch location

Falador, south of Falador and north of Port Sarim West of Port Phasmatys North of Catherby North of Ardougne Taverley - single patch (potatoes only)
Elstan Lyra Dantaera Kragen Head Farmer Jones

Trees[edit | edit source]


There are 6 tree patches, although one requires completion of Plague's End.

Tree seeds cannot be directly planted into a tree patch. Instead, they must be added to a plant pot to create a seedling. The seedling can then be watered using a watering can or magic watering can. After approximately 5 minutes, the seedling will become a sapling which can be planted in a tree patch. After planting a sapling the player will be left with an empty plant pot. Players who do not wish to receive these plant pots can turn on the option "destroy empty plant pots when farming" in the Inventory tab of the Interfaces options. Seedlings and saplings are untradeable. Players wishing to reclaim tree seeds that have been put into plant pots can do so using the right-click "salvage seed" option on a tree sapling, though this has only approximately 75% chance of returning the seed.

Level Tree Growth time GP per seed XP per seed Payment GP/XP

(no payments)

GP/XP (payments)
15 Farming Acorn 5.png
Oak tree
160 minutes (4 x 40 minutes) 413 481.3
(14 for planting; 467.3 for checking health)
Tomatoes (5).png
1 basket of tomatoes
-8.36 -11.48
30 Farming Willow seed 5.png
Willow tree
240 minutes (6 x 40 minutes) 354 1,481.5
(25 for planting; 1456.5 for checking health)
Apples (5).png
1 basket of apples
-2.79 -5.09
45 Farming Maple seed 5.png
Maple tree
320 minutes (8 x 40 minutes) 5,656 3,448.4
(45 for planting; 3403.4 for checking health)
Oranges (5).png
1 basket of oranges
-2.98 -6.28
60 Farming Yew seed 5.png
Yew tree
400 minutes (10 x 40 minutes) 5,261 7,150.9
(81 for planting; 7069.9 for checking health)
Cactus spine.png
10 cactus spines
-1.38 -8.22
75 Farming Magic seed 5.png
Magic tree
480 minutes (12 x 40 minutes) 23,338 13,913.8
(145.5 for planting; 13,768.3 for checking health)
25 coconuts
-2.22 -17.95
119 Farming Money tree seed 5.png
Money tree
2880 minutes (72 x 40 minutes)[source needed] N/A 61,000

(1,000 for planting; 60,000 for checking health)


Experience gain and cost values are based on:

  • A death rate of 14% without protection
  • Using buckets of supercompost to fertilise patches
Patch locations
Lumbridge, north-east of Lumbridge Castle Varrock, Varrock Palace courtyard Falador, within Falador Park Taverley, north of the lodestone Tree Gnome Stronghold, west of Gnome Stronghold Agility Course Trahaearn Clan district of Prifddinas [1]
Plague's End quest
Fayeth Treznor Heskel Alain Prissy Scilla Eifion
  1. ^ When the Voice of Seren is active in the Trahaearn district a tree growing in this patch has a chance of skipping growth stages and 20% more base experience is awarded for planting or checking health of the tree.

Fruit trees[edit | edit source]

At level 27 Farming players can begin to plant fruit trees. There are 7 fruit tree patches, but 2 are quest locked.

Although the Anachronia fruit tree seeds grow significantly faster than the typical fruit tree seed (one cycle less), it is highly recommended to start with guarana seeds (requiring 107 Farming), as ciku seeds are extremely expensive due to their very few drop sources. Carambola seeds are even cheaper, but require 113 Farming.

Level Tree Growth time GP per seed XP per seed Payment GP/XP (no payments) GP/XP (payments)
27 Farming Apple tree.png: RS3 Inventory image of Apple treeApple tree 16 hours (6 x 160 minutes) 540 1,272.5
(22 for planting, 1,199.5 for checking health, and 8.5 x 6 for harvesting)
9 Sweetcorn.png: RS3 Inventory image of SweetcornSweetcorn
-0.69 -7.89
33 Farming Banana tree.png: RS3 Inventory image of Banana treeBanana tree 16 hours (6 x 160 minutes) 578 1,841.5
(28 for planting, 1750.5 for checking health, and 10.5 x 6 for harvesting)
4 Apples (5).png: RS3 Inventory image of Apples (5)baskets of apples
-1.27 -9.59
39 Farming Orange tree.png: RS3 Inventory image of Orange treeOrange tree 16 hours (6 x 160 minutes) 338 2,586
(35 for planting, 2,470 for checking health, and 13.5 x 6 for harvesting)
3 Strawberries (5).png: RS3 Inventory image of Strawberries (5)baskets of strawberries
2.79 1.2
42 Farming Curry tree.png: RS3 Inventory image of Curry treeCurry tree 16 hours (6 x 160 minutes ) 406 3,037
(40 for planting, 2,907 for checking health, and 15 x 6 for harvesting)
5 Bananas (5).png: RS3 Inventory image of Bananas (5)baskets of bananas
3.67 0.13
51 Farming Pineapple plant (Farming).png: RS3 Inventory image of Pineapple plant (Farming)Pineapple plant 16 hours (6 x 160 minutes) 817 4,791.7
(57 for planting, 4,605.7 for checking health, and 21.5 x 6 for harvesting)
10 Watermelon.png: RS3 Inventory image of Watermelonwatermelons
-0.14 -1.81
57 Farming Papaya tree.png: RS3 Inventory image of Papaya treePapaya tree 16 hours (6 x 160 minutes) 791 6,380.4
(72 for planting, 6146.4 for checking health, and 27 x 6 for harvesting)
10 Pineapple.png: RS3 Inventory image of Pineapplepineapples
5.99 5.05
68 Farming Palm tree.png: RS3 Inventory image of Palm treePalm tree 16 hours (6 x 160 minutes) 23,371 10,509.6
(110.5 for planting, 10150.1 for checking health, and 41.5 x 6 for harvesting)
15 Papaya fruit.png: RS3 Inventory image of Papaya fruitpapaya fruit
2.15 -7.69
101Farming Ciku tree.png: RS3 Inventory image of Ciku treeCiku tree 13 hours and 20 minutes (5 x 160 minutes) 425,602 25,664.1
(471 for planting, 22,047 for checking health, and 1,048.7 x 3 for harvesting)
6 Zygomite fruit.png: RS3 Inventory image of Zygomite fruitZygomite fruit
-16.4 -15.47
107Farming Guarana tree.png: RS3 Inventory image of Guarana treeGuarana tree 13 hours and 20 minutes (5 x 160 minutes) 20,108 32,767.01
(590.6 for planting, 28,157 for checking health, and 1,339.8 x 3 for harvesting)
11 Tombshroom.png: RS3 Inventory image of TombshroomTombshroom
-0.29 -0.75
113Farming Carambola tree.png: RS3 Inventory image of Carambola treeCarambola tree 13 hours and 20 minutes (5 x 160 minutes) 8,061 41,254.1

(811.4 for planting, 35,057.7 for checking health, and 1,795 x 3 for harvesting)

9 Dragonfruit.png: RS3 Inventory image of DragonfruitDragonfruit
0.17 -5.38

Experience gain and cost values are based on:

  • Farming 7 fruit tree patches
  • A death rate of 14% without protection
  • Using buckets of supercompost to fertilise patches
Patch locations
Location Image Teleports Requirements Farmer
Tree Gnome Stronghold, north of Gnome Stronghold Agility Course None Bolongo
West of Tree Gnome Village maze
  • Spirit tree to Tree Gnome Village, squeeze through the railings into the maze and follow Elkoy out of the maze
  • Fairy ring (code ciq)
  • Use a ring of duelling to teleport to Castle Wars and then run north
  • Teleport to the Yanille lodestone and travel north-west
None Gileth
Catherby, east of fishing spots None Ellena
North of Brimhaven None Garth
Lletya Started Mourning's End Part I or after completing part of The Prisoner of Glouphrie Amaethwr
Herblore Habitat None Zombie farmer
Meilyr Clan district of Prifddinas [1] Plague's End quest Alfon
  1. ^ When the Voice of Seren is active in the Meilyr district a fruit tree growing in this patch has a chance of skipping growth stages and 20% more base experience is awarded for planting, checking health of and harvesting from the fruit tree.

Other Trees[edit | edit source]

Level Tree Growth time GP per seed XP per seed Payment GP/XP (no payments) GP/XP (payments)
72 Farming Calquat tree seed 5.png
Calquat tree
~21.5 hours (8 x 160 minutes) 431 12,516.6
(129.5 for planting, 12096 for checking health, and 48.5 x 6 for harvesting)
Poison ivy berries.png]
8 poison ivy berries
-0.16 -3.69
The location of the calquat tree patch
83 Farming Spirit seed 5.png
Spirit tree
58 hours 40 minutes (11 x 320 minutes) Not tradable 19,501.3
(199.5 for planting and 19,301.8 for checking health)
5 Monkey nuts.png: RS3 Inventory image of Monkey nutsMonkey nuts, 1 Monkey bar.png: RS3 Inventory image of Monkey barMonkey bar, 1 Ground tooth.png: RS3 Inventory image of Ground toothGround tooth -0.17 See below
90 Farming Elder seed 5.pngElder Tree 70 hours 78,414 23,463
(321 for planting and 23,142 for checking health)
Morchella mushroom.png
25 morchella mushrooms
-4.03 -11.6
Elder tree patch location
94 Crystal tree Instant Not Tradable 50,000 for planting, 15,000 daily N/a N/a N/a

Experience gain and cost values are based on:

  • Farming 1 calquat tree patch
  • A death rate of 14% without protection
  • Using buckets of supercompost to fertilise patches

At level 72 Farming players can begin planting calquat trees. The single calquat tree patch is found north of Tai Bwo Wannai. Players can get to the patch using a Tai Bwo Wannai Teleport or via the Karamja lodestone teleport and running south-east. Imiago the gardener can be paid to look after the calquat tree patch.

At level 83 Farming players can begin planting spirit trees. Spirit trees are grown from rare, untradeable spirit seeds that may be obtained from Managing Miscellania, bird's nests, the Motherlode Maw or as a drop from ganodermic beasts. At level 83 players can plant 1 spirit tree at time, at level 86 players can plant 2 spirit trees at a time, at level 89 players can plant 3 spirit trees at a time, and at level 114 players can plant 4 spirit trees at a time. The ability to plant 3 spirit trees at once is unlocked by talking to Glouron in the Crwys Clan district of Prifddinas after completion of the Plague's End and Prisoner of Glouphrie quests. The ability to plant 4 spirit trees at once also requires Apprentice Farmer rank (or higher) to be reached at the Farming Guild

At level 90 Farming players can begin planting elder trees. The single elder tree patch is located in the Crwys Clan district of Prifddinas - completion of the Plague's End quest is required in order to access the area. When the Voice of Seren is active in the Crwys district an elder tree growing in the elder tree patch has a chance of skipping growth stages and 20% more base experience is awarded for planting or checking the health of an elder tree. Players can get to the elder tree patch using a crystal teleport seed, the Prifddinas lodestone teleport, or the Spirit tree located in Prifddinas. Sior the gardener can be paid to look after the elder tree patch. Note that elder tree seeds cost significant money and gathering the seeds themselves can be significantly troublesome due to its scarce drop sources.

At level 94 a Crystal Tree can be grown. The acorn is an extremely rare drop from crystal implings, elven workers and fighters. One crystal acorn is obtained when entering the Max Guild and speaking to Challenge Mistress Heriau for the first time. The crystal tree patch is at the Tower of Voices in Prifddinas. This can be accessed by the Prifddinas lodestone teleport. Planting the crystal acorn instantly grants the player 50,000 Farming experience and creates a fully grown crystal tree. After this the player can check the crystal tree's health daily to harvest a crystal tree blossom and 15,000 Farming experience. This resets at 00:00 UTC. Because of the acorn's rarity, the player should never remove a crystal tree unless they have extra acorns on hand.

Patch locations
Location Image Teleports Requirements Gardener
On south-east side of Etceteria None Yulf Squecks
Port Sarim None Frizzy Skernip
Brimhaven None Praistan Ebola
Manor Farm Apprentice Farming Rank (or higher) at Farming Guild Wilfred Butternut

Player-owned Farms[edit | edit source]

Player-owned farms are a very easy way to obtain farming experience. Albeit slower than conventional farming, raising animals is always guaranteed to provide experience unlike crops, as they will never die. Animals raised on the farm also provide valuable materials for Herblore and some provide perks worthwhile for specific encounters.

Both the Manor and Anachronia Dinosaur Farms provide players with some animals, such as chicken, sheep, cows, frogs and salamanders. The other animals will need to be obtained from killing, gathering or Adam Antite, although the latter is very unreliable for high leveled animals. It is important to get at least one breeding pair (a male and female) to raise animals. (Although similar gendered animals have a chance of adopting, breeding is faster and more consistent.) Non-ironmen players can also trade with others or use the Grand Exchange, but be warned that unchecked animals always come with only one trait.

Before starting the farm up, make sure to have an ample supply of food for the animals being raised on the farm. Each animal will only eat specific kinds of food and will not accept other foods they will not like. As the sections below assume the player is raising the best animals possible for each pen size, meat, fish, mushrooms and seed stocks will need to be maintained consistently.

Meat can be obtained quickly from the Fresh Meat shop in Oo'glog, requiring completion of As a First Resort... in order to access. This shop should cover all of the player's meat needs at both farms. Meat is used to feed dragons and dinosaurs. Dragons can also eat fish, but very few shops have ample supplies of fish on hand. Mushrooms can be gathered cheaply from the Eastern Lands with at least level 90 Farming; gorajian mushrooms are a faster, but more expensive alternative. These are used to feed zygomites. Seeds are usually gathered in mass from thieving, which should be used to feed salamanders. Chinchompas should be given the most cheapest food mixed with one of another food source to create the right food for them. Animals treat all food of that category as the same, so use the cheapest sources when feeding them.

There are four or five stages for animals; Egg > Child > Adolescent > Adult > Elder. The first stage of the animal never gives any experience, but the remaining ones do. At these stages, the player can check on the animal to collect experience and a few produce from them. Experience gained from animals are based on their happiness and health; the lower these two are, the less experience is obtained. Since the experience is gained upon collecting produce, the player may also opt to give the animal both delicious and medicinal honeycombs before collecting produce from the animal. The player can collect at any time, so there is no need to continually check on the animals after every growth stage.

Assuming the player is raising the specific animals listed below, only the zygomites and chinchompas do not have any egg form. The remaining animals do. Likewise, the "Old at Heart" trait is very beneficial as it increases the animal's aging rate, while the "Young at Heart" is a negative trait because it slows the animal's aging rate. Sullen is also negative as it reduces the animal's happiness at times, reducing experience gained. Giver and Taker are fairly mixed traits, as the experience gain/loss is relatively minimal for smaller animals.

The usage of decorated farming urns and urn enhancer is highly recommended for an additional +25% Farming experience. This is increased further depending on how often players check and cure their animals. Checking on animals also consumes any available bonus experience + other boosts (master farmer outfit, Wise 4%, clan avatar 6%, XP-boosting Aura, etc.) when curing.

Players can also muck animal waste for extra experience as they are raised. Dragon waste should be the only one mucked, as green provides 120 experience per action, and dragon provides 500. Mammal (chinchompa) waste only gives 20 experience per action and is considered to be negligible at higher levels. The waste does not affect animal stats. Dragon manure (the waste left behind by adolescent and older dragons) should be collected in a bucket, as it is an item used to create ultracompost.

While raising animals, it may prove to be useful to unlock the breeding capability for the small and medium Manor Farm pens and the Anachronia Dinosaur Farm's medium pen. Although this is far slower than normal breeding, it is cheaper than continually buying animals from the Grand Exchange or other players, especially when all of the animals are grown in the same time frame. This also allows the player to focus on large animals in the breeding pen for greater experience rates. In order for animals to raise children, they must be adults or elders.

Manor Farm[edit | edit source]

Players with level 17 Farming and level 20 Construction may start player-owned farm (POF), but to maximise the XP returns, players need at least level 92 Farming and 60 Construction.

  • 2 Large Pens + Breeding Pen: 10 Dragons * 100,000 XP each * 1.25 = 1,250,000 XP/week
  • 2 Medium Pens: 8 Zygomites * 40,000 XP each * 1.25 * 2x/week = 800,000 XP/week
  • 2 Small Pens: 12 Chinchompas * 15,000 XP each * 1.25 * 4x/week = 900,000 XP/week

1,250,000 + 800,000 + 900,000 = 2,950,000 Farming XP per week from POF (maximum efficiency)

Anachronia Dinosaur Farm[edit | edit source]

Players with level 42 Farming and 45 Construction may expand into the Anachronia Dinosaur Farm. To maximise experience returns however, players need at least 119 Farming and 90 Construction. Note that animals on this farm grow significantly slower than those at the Manor Farm. Regardless, they still provide additional experience and generally better products to account for the slower raising and breeding time.

The small pen can be easily maintained at 102 Farming when raising salamanders. The salamanders will net more beans than the price required to purchase them, even as elders, so they should always be bought from Prehistoric Potterington unless the player desires other salamander breeds. These salamanders are always green salamanders with one trait.

Alternative methods of gaining experience[edit | edit source]

Completing quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Members Experience
Other requirements
Bringing Home the Bacon P2P icon.png 350 14 Farming
Perils of Ice Mountain F2P icon.png 500 5 Farming
Recipe for Disaster: Freeing the Goblin generals P2P icon.png 1,000 -
Spirit of Summer P2P icon.png 2,000 26 Farming
Enlightened Journey P2P icon.png 3,000 30 Farming
A Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains P2P icon.png 3,500 -
Dimension of Disaster: Curse of Arrav P2P icon.png 4,000 -
Grim Tales P2P icon.png 4,000 45 Farming
Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf P2P icon.png 5,000 17 Farming
Garden of Tranquillity P2P icon.png 5,000 25 Farming
My Arm's Big Adventure P2P icon.png 5,000 29 Farming
Rum Deal P2P icon.png 7,000 40 Farming
A Fairy Tale III - Battle at Ork's Rift P2P icon.png 11,000 54 Farming
The Branches of Darkmeyer P2P icon.png 20,000 63 Farming
Rebuilding Edgeville P2P icon.png 20,000 -
Back to my Roots P2P icon.png 24,000 53 Farming
Total 115,350

Wilderness Warbands[edit | edit source]

Farming supplies detail.png

Wilderness Warbands is a dangerous Distraction and Diversion that takes place in the Wilderness. The aim of the Distraction and Diversion is to infiltrate a camp occupied by god-following NPCs and loot supplies, which can then be exchanged with Quercus for experience. Players can gain Farming experience if they obtain and hand in Farming supplies. Players can gain between 49.5 at level 1, and 4,851.5 at level 99, Farming experience per supply that they exchange. Players can loot up to 25 Farming supplies while playing Wilderness Warbands, which grant between 1,237.5 and 121,287.5 Farming experience in total when given to Quercus. Players can calculate the exact amount of experience that they will receive, based on their Farming level and the number of supplies obtained, using the calculator on the Wilderness Warbands article.

Armadyl warband.png

Wilderness Warbands takes place every 7 hours. The Distraction and Diversion begins with a camp appearing in the Wilderness in one of 3 possible locations. A server-wide announcement will notify players of the camp's location when it spawns. Players can also find out the camp's location by talking to Quercus, who is located north-west of the Varrock Grand Exchange. Players must travel to the camp, avoid the sentries posted around its perimeter and sabotage the camp's god's beam, which is found in the centre of the camp. Successfully sabotaging the beam will result in NPCs allied to the invading players teleporting to the area to fight the NPCs guarding the camp. Players can also intervene in the fight if they wish. After all enemy NPCs have been killed, players can loot the tents in the camp to gain supplies. Each Wilderness Warband has 3 tents which contain supplies that grant experience in 3 of 5 possible skills (Farming, Mining, Construction, Herblore and Smithing). Players may loot up to 25 supplies from tents in the camp. Players may gain additional supplies by killing other players and taking any supplies that defeated players may have looted, as supplies are dropped upon death. Participating in looting tents will skull the player and cause them to become attackable by any other player, regardless of combat levels. Players cannot teleport out of the Wilderness while they have supplies in their inventory, and logging out while inside the Wilderness causes all supplies to be destroyed. Therefore, players must escape from the Wilderness by running out of the area. To avoid being killed by others while participating in Wilderness Warbands players are advised to join one of the dedicated Friends Chats for the Distraction and Diversion.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
02:00 UTC 06:00 UTC 03:00 UTC 00:00 UTC 04:00 UTC 01:00 UTC 05:00 UTC
09:00 UTC 13:00 UTC 10:00 UTC 07:00 UTC 11:00 UTC 08:00 UTC 12:00 UTC
16:00 UTC 20:00 UTC 17:00 UTC 14:00 UTC 18:00 UTC 15:00 UTC 19:00 UTC
23:00 UTC N/A N/A 21:00 UTC N/A 22:00 UTC N/A

Giant Oyster[edit | edit source]

Delicious seaweed detail.png
Oyster (Tutorial Island) (open).png

Giant Oyster is a monthly Distraction and Diversion that can be completed by players who have finished the Beneath Cursed Tides quest. Players can return to Tutorial Island by speaking to Wizard Myrtle near the Wizards' Tower. Once in the area, harvest from the tasty looking seaweed to obtain delicious seaweed. While attempting to harvest the delicious seaweed the player will gain Farming experience, dependent on their Farming level, 30 times. Players can gain up to 2,322 experience per attempt, at level 99 Farming, giving a total of up to 69,660 experience for harvesting the Tasty looking seaweed 30 times. This activity can be completed in approximately 1–2 minutes.

Supply runs[edit | edit source]

The start of a supply run

Supply runs are a safe activity that take place on Mazcab every 12 hours (at midnight and noon game time). The activity begins with goebie supplies spawning at the supply rock near to Querci in Kanatah and is available until 25 minutes past the hour. Players may take up to 10 goebie supplies per day from the supply rock. Upon taking goebie supplies players become flagged for safe PvP and can be attacked by other players, with death resulting in the loss of all goebie supplies that the players are carrying. After obtaining goebie supplies players must travel north-west through the Nemi Forest to Otot, where the supplies may be exchanged for experience with Quercy. The player will be given a choice between two skills in which to gain experience: Agility or Crafting, Farming or Herblore and Hunter or Woodcutting. Different skills are offered on different worlds, so players may change worlds to find a world where the skill in which they wish to gain experience is offered.

Between 495, with level 1, and 48,515, with level 99, experience can be gained from exchanging 10 goebie supplies. Assuming the activity is completed in 5 minutes, experience is awarded at a rate equivalent to between 5,940, with level 1, and 582,180, with level 99, experience an hour.

Money-making using the Farming skill[edit | edit source]

Recurring methods[edit | edit source]

Recurring Farming money making guides
Method Profit Time Effective Profit Recurrence time Experience
Farming lantadyme 564,000 5 6,762,000 80 minutes 6,238 Farming
Farming torstol 351,000 5 4,206,000 80 minutes 9,475 Farming
Farming avantoe 40,000 5 480,000 80 minutes 2,533 Farming
Farming fellstalk 765,000 5 9,180,000 80 minutes 12,723 Farming
Farming dwarf weed 952,000 5 11,428,000 80 minutes 7,909 Farming
Farming kwuarm 938,000 5 11,250,000 80 minutes 3359 Farming
Farming cadantine 314,000 5 3,769,000 80 minutes 4,945 Farming
Farming snapdragon 82,000 5 978,000 80 minutes 4,073 Farming
Farming irit 188,000 5 2,257,000 80 minutes 1,795 Farming
Farming toadflax 754,000 5 9,047,000 80 minutes 2,887 Farming
Farming wergali 382,000 5 4,579,000 80 minutes 2,204 Farming
Farming ranarr 247,000 5 2,966,000 80 minutes 1,253 Farming
Farming spirit weed 1,344,000 5 16,133,000 100 minutes 1,483 Farming
Picking cactus spines 132,000 2.5 3,168,000 75 minutes None
Picking coconuts 557,000 4 8,357,000 270 minutes 1,494 Farming
Picking papayas 450,000 4 6,756,000 270 minutes 972 Farming
Farming morchella mushrooms 343,000 2 10,282,000 240 minutes 1,718 Farming
Picking a divine herb patch III 110,000 00:40 9,903,000 24 hours 3,010.8 Farming
Farming grapevines 196,000 4 2,947,000 80 minutes 14,780 Farming

8,400 Cooking

Farming marigolds 48,000 3 962,000 20 minutes 222 Farming
Farming bloodweed 151,000 1 9,069,000 80 minutes 891.9 Farming
Farming arbuck 935,000 5 11,226,000 80 minutes 2,887 Farming
Raising frogs 44,000 1 2,624,000 12 Hours 500 Farming
Picking primal fruit 347,000 6 3,473,000 360 minutes (fruit and cactus regrow every 120 minutes) Up to 86,227.4‬ Farming at 116.
Raising rex dinosaurs 1,272,000 2 38,164,000 24 hours 120,407.4 Farming from pavosaurus rex, see table below
Raising black dragons to adolescent 657,000 1 39,442,000 42 hours 150,000 Farming