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Croesus Front

Promotional art featuring the Croesus, with Bik looming in the distance.

The Croesus Front is the third of four fronts of the Elder God Wars Dungeon, released on 27 September 2021. The front has no requirements to access; however, levels 88 and 92 in Fishing, Hunter, Mining and Woodcutting are required to interact with the skilling nodes outside the boss area, while levels 80 in those skills and Construction are recommended for the boss encounter.[1][2] Additionally, the completion of Sliske's Endgame, Desperate Measures, and City of Senntisten, as well as their prerequisites, is recommended for a better understanding of the story, as the front is considered the next installment in the ongoing Elder God Wars narrative.[3]

The Croesus Front features the third assault on the cathedral in Senntisten, where united forces of young gods keep the eggs of the Elder Gods from hatching and destroying Gielinor in the process. The attack to the east of the cathedral is led by Croesus, the game's first skilling boss, awoken by Bik after being buried beneath the city's graveyard since the Second Age. The fungal spread has killed most of the forces on this front, with Gorvek leading the defence.[4][1]

For the first week after release, a free death week was active, during which Death provides free item reclaims and ring of death doesn't lose a charge upon dying.[4]


Getting thereEdit

The Croesus Front is located in the eastern section of Senntisten, which can be accessed by the ancient door north of the Archaeology Guild and directly east of Tolna's rift. After entering Senntisten the player needs to access the cathedral to the south of the entrance and then leave through the eastern cathedral door. Passing through the eastern door for the first time will trigger a cutscene.

Travel methods include:



Main article: Croesus
The Croesus.

Croesus is an ancient fungus brought to Senntisten by an expedition from the Unquiet Ocean in the Second Age. Intended to be used as a weapon, it broke free, killing fifty thousand people and nearly destroying the Tenth Legion until it was buried beneath the earth by Zaros. Croesus is the game's first skilling boss and can be taken by a many as 18 people in either public or instanced encounter, although the recommended group size is 8 players. The boss cannot be killed and needs to be put to a dormant state. To do that the players need to clear fungus from the graves of four heroes from the Second Age who have been buried with corpses of the beasts they slayed. Clearing the fungus from the carcasses reduces Croesus' strength, however the fungus can grow back, which can be slowed by using the collected rotten fungus. After collecting enough materials, the players can restore four statues and pray to them to subdue the boss, which grants access to the core fungus, which needs to be destroyed to complete the encounter.[1][4][2]

The boss does not deal damage and the players cannot die in the encounter, however the fight can be failed, as Croesus' attacks lower their skill levels. The drain can be reduced by wearing the shadow pontifex ring upgraded with resonant anima of Bik and the levels can be restored using potions. While the nodes inside the boss area have no requirements to interact with, they are balanced around level 80. The lower the levels, the higher the chance of failure. Experience and rewards from the encounter are based on personal contributions, however a lower number of players in the fight allows for more contributions than massing. The rewards are placed inside a chest. Ironmen can take part in the activity alongside the regular accounts. The boss does not have a hard mode version.[1][4]

While Croesus is a skilling boss, it does have all the features of a regular boss, including a skilling category of Soul Reaper assignments, a boss pet, a collection log with a title and a boss portal.[1][4]


Unlike the previous two fronts, the Croesus Front does not feature combat encounters. Instead, the first area of the graveyard includes gathering nodes which require level 88 in respective skills to harvest from standard versions and level 92 for enriched variants. The nodes can change between these states at any point.

Various fungi can be harvested from these nodes, which can be used to feed animals at a player-owned farm. They are also used to create various rewards, including the skilling off-hands, seed bag, as well as a number of potions and soups. While skilling in the front, players can receive Bik Elder Troves of the tier based on the tier of the pontifex shadow ring[1][4][2][5], as well as four lore books.

Node Resource Skill Xp Location
 Fungal algae 88   Fishing 105 Pond on the south side
 Enriched fungal algae 92   Fishing 145
 Fungal spore 88   Hunter 375 Mausoleum in the south-east
 Enriched fungal spore 92   Hunter 520
 Calcified fungus 88   Mining Varies North-east side
 Enriched calcified fungus 92   Mining Varies
 Timber fungus 88   Woodcutting 350 North side
 Enriched timber fungus 92   Woodcutting 385


  • Cryptbloom armour, a tier 90 Magic tank armour with set effects granted for wearing a number of the pieces. The armour has the same stats as Achto Primeval equipment and can be augmented, but not dyed.
    • 2 pieces: incoming magic damage is reduced by 12% and incoming melee damage is reduced by 8%.
    • 3 pieces: incoming magic damage is reduced by a further 6%, melee damage is reduced by a further 4%, and these bonuses are doubled if the player uses earth spells.
    • 4 pieces: every time the player takes damage, they have a 6% chance to infect their target with Croesus' death spores, which increase the damage taken by the target from behind by 10%.
    • All 5 pieces: if the player's life points fall below 20%, they gain a fungal shield, providing additional life points pool, scaling with armour rating and Defence level, lasting 15 seconds with a 120 seconds cooldown.
  • Skilling off-hands:
    • Tagga's corehammer, a level 80 Mining off-hand. It provides an additional 10% critical strike chance and deals 35 additional critical strike damage. While mining, provides a chance to receive deathspore arrow tips. The chance increases with the ore's tier.
    • Sana's fyrtorch, a level 80 Woodcutting off-hand. It provides an additional 6% success chance and 20% chance for an additional log. While chopping logs, provides a chance to receive splintering arrow tips. The chance increases with the logs' tier. Additionally, the fyrtorch dispels Croesus' Sticky Fungi attack automatically.
  • Tier 95 arrows. They retain their effects when switching weapons as long as the weapon uses arrows.
    • Deathspore arrows, crafted from deathspore arrow tips and elder logs. They increase critical chance by 3%. When the player deals critical damage, they gain a stack of Feasting Spores. With five stacks, they receive a buff making their next Ranged ability to not consume adrenaline if cast within 9 seconds. The effect has a 60 second cooldown, reduced by 1.8 seconds every time the player deals critical damage with those arrows.
    • Splintering arrows, crafted from splintering arrow tips and elder logs. They cause any attacks used within 4.2 seconds after Greater Dazing Shot to apply Puncture stacks, increasing the maximum number of stacks to 13.
  • Seed bag, a storage for up to 40 types of seed up to their maximum stack. It can be crafted with materials collected during the boss encounter. While the materials are tradeable, the seed bag is not and has a Crafting requirement.
  • Grasping rune pouch, an upgrade to the large rune pouch. Holds up to four types of runes and provides a +4 Prayer bonus as well as Nature's Cradle, a 25% chance to not consume runes when casting combat spells. It can be dyed and retains the dye from the pouch used in the upgrade.
  • Scripture of Bik, a skilling god book. When equipped, can spawn a catalyst of alteration, a mushroom which grants a 5% experience bonus for a minute. It can grant 1–3 clue scrolls up to elite difficulty or a master clue scroll. It bypasses the clue cap.
  • Lore books: all of which are obtainable from the skilling areas outside of the Croesus encounter. They are required for the Heroes of the Graveyard achievement for the master quest cape. They can be reclaimed from Gorvek (located near the entrance to the front) if they've been destroyed. The books are not tied to specific skilling nodes.


Potions can be brewed with Herblore using fungus.

  Potion Primary Secondary
49  Woodcutting potion (3)  Clean avantoe  Timber fungus
51  Mining potion (3)  Clean avantoe  Calcified fungus
71  Super woodcutting potion (3)  Woodcutting potion (3)  Enriched timber fungus
74  Super mining potion (3)  Mining potion (3)  Enriched calcified fungus
75  Super fishing potion (3)  Fishing potion (3)  Enriched fungal algae


Soups can be cooked with enriched fungus.

  Soup Raw soup Ingredients
80  Fungal algae soup  Raw fungal algae soup  Bowl of water
26 ×  Enriched fungal algae
80  Timber fungus soup  Raw timber fungus soup  Bowl of water
26 ×  Enriched timber fungus
80  Calcified fungus soup  Raw calcified fungus soup  Bowl of water
26 ×  Enriched calcified fungus
80  Fungal spore soup  Raw fungal spore soup  Bowl of water
26 ×  Enriched fungal spore


Throughout the Croesus Front, several allied NPCs can be found, providing additional narrative background or gameplay options. The main defenders of the front are Lumbridge and Varrock Guard, although most of them were killed by Croesus, with the survivors recovering in the Cathedral.

  • Gorvek, a dragon who fought Croesus when it originally spread in Senntisten, now leading the defence after the defenders fell on the eastern front. He grants a battlefield ability, which can be used in the other fronts.[1][4]

Music unlockedEdit


Development historyEdit

The third front of the Elder God Wars Dungeon was first teased on 17 September 2021 with a short animation of the front's artwork background and ominous ambient sounds, as well as the message It feeds on the dead....[6] A newspost published on 20 September announced that the front will be revealed the next day during a livestream featuring an artwork from artist Nina_Ray. The stream began with a trailer of the front, revealing its name and release date.[7] During the stream the developers showcased the front, including the cutscene, the skilling area, the boss area and revealed the rewards.[4] The informations from the stream were also published in a newspost on the same day.[1] On 24 September another newspost with further details was published alongside an introductory video.[5]

The theme of the front was teased in game with the release of Senntisten Dig Site, mentioning a dangerous fungus which tried to consume and infect the city, before it was defeated and contained beneath a graveyard located to the east of the cathedral.[8][9] In the gods' dialogue in the cathedral released on 20 September, Seren also referenced the graveyard as well as trying to reinforce the east flank with the Varrock and Lumbridge guards.[10][11]

The Croesus Front was developed by Mod Shrew and Mod Sponge.[12][4] The environment was created by Mod Alex.[13]





Graphical updatesEdit



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