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An unnamed critic was a theatre reviewer who lived in Senntisten during the Second Age.

They are the author of various theatre play reviews. The critic constantly denounced the performances of the Guild Actors of Senntisten, giving one of them the highest known rating of 1 star.[1] When the guild was dissolved by the Praetorians following an accusation of sedition, it was celebrated by the critic.[2]

The reviewer claimed to be used to plays that offer hidden meanings or play on the emotional states of the viewer, and cited the works of Garenius and Theanopha as examples. When the Praefectus Praetorio Sliske held the play Whispering King, the critic dismissed it as a travesty devoid of coherent writing, awarding it 2 stars.[3] In the next publication, the critic allegedly amends this review, claiming not to have understood the genius of the play. That they desire to act in one of its performances and long to see what the actors saw in the last moments of the play. The article ends stating that the critic will receive a mask, presumably used by the actors, and awards the play 5 stars.[4]

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  1. ^ A critic's review (article 1), written by Critic, RuneScape. "It is my sad duty to report that theatre is dead, at least if the latest performance of 'A Midwinter Night's Tomfoolery' is to be believed. The play - performed as ever by the Guild Actors of Senntisten - rather live up to the group's acronym, which is to say rather a lot of hot GAS. [...] It is therefore with great delight that I award 'A Midwinter Night's Tomfoolery' a 1-star rating and would recommend that no one ever be subjected to this performance again."
  2. ^ A critic's review (article 3), written by Critic, RuneScape. "It is with great relief that I must announce that the Guild Actors of Senntisten are no more. For anyone that has suffered the torture that is watching any of their plays, I'm sure you will be well aware of the terrible messages underscored in each one. While hidden under a guise of terrible acting, dull deliveries and the costuming skills of a dismembered troll, it appears that the Guild were attempting to weave seditious messages into their work. [...] the Praetorians know what they're doing, and so the Guild Actors of Senntisten must have been performing seditious plays."
  3. ^ A critic's review (article 4), written by Critic, RuneScape. "My dear readers it is with further sorrow that I must now review the travesty performed on the stage this last week. The 'Whispering King' is a [...] play written and directed by none other than the Prefectus[sic] Praetorio himself. [...] the strangest of all is the writing. I am used to plays that offer hidden meanings, or play on the emotional states of the viewer. The works of Garenius, which asks the viewer what it really means to be a citizen of the Empire. The wonderful sonnets of Theanopha who urges us to look inside ourselves and understand the secret shames we all keep hidden. These plays prey on our own preconceptions and turn our own thoughts into a marvellous piece of the performance. But this play does none of that. [...] At no point did it make any sense. [...] 2 stars."
  4. ^ A critic's review (article 5), written by Critic, RuneScape. "I would like to amend my previous review on the 'Whispering King'. I realise now that I was too harsh in my assessment. Indeed, the play is a veritable work of art. I confess that I was blind to the genius hidden therein. [...] I find myself consumed with jealousy for them and their sacrifice. That they could give their lives for the highest purpose. [...] I dream of those last moments as the play concludes and I dream of seeing what they see, of learning what they learn. Of becoming. My mask arrives tomorrow. 5 stars."