Crawfish Boil

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Crawfish Boil is an achievement that requires the player to disintegrate 12 crassian ritual keepers simultaneously during The Ambassador encounter inside The Shadow Reef. This is done when Seiryu the Azure Serpent appears and destroys the crassians. The achievement is completed as soon as the crassians are killed; defeating the Ambassador is not required. It can be completed in both normal mode and story mode. After completing this achievement, the player may purchase the Tetch pet from Bryll Thoksdottir in her Elite Dungeon Reward Shop for 250,000 dungeoneering tokens.

The amount of ritual keepers that spawn is based on the group's size - for the fastest results, fight Kranon in a group of three. This means that he only needs to spawn three sets of ritual keepers to meet the achievement's requirements. Do not damage Kranon below 200,000 (story mode) or 400,000 (normal mode) health until twelve ritual keepers are in the arena. In story mode, it is advised to wait until Seiryu heals and disintegrates the keepers as phasing to the final phase prematurely forces Seiryu to spawn but does not unlock the achievement.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name is how crayfish are cooked in real life; this is reflected by Seiryu's fire destroying the arthropod-like crassians.