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Crates of components can be found in the the Warforge Dig Site. They are looted from ten crates of materials, which are scenery objects. All crates are destroyed upon rummaging them.

The first five opened crates each contain 25 spiked parts, 25 deflecting parts, and 5 heavy components for Invention.

The sixth through eighth crates each contain 25 spiked parts, 25 deflecting parts, 5 heavy components plus 5 precious components.

The ninth and tenth crates each contain 25 cover parts, 10 dextrous components, 5 precious components and 2 Bandos components.

The total items obtained are:

  • 200 spiked parts
  • 200 deflecting parts
  • 40 heavy components
  • 25 precious components
  • 50 cover parts
  • 20 dextrous components
  • 4 Bandos components

Obtaining the crates in the Crucible area requires level 76 in Archaeology (not boostable) in order to access the Warforge Dig Site, while the several other crates require level 83 in Archaeology (boostable) in order to mine past the barricade, which is required to access the tunnels section of the dig site. One crate requires level 83 in Archaeology in order to enter Bandos' sanctum during/after the You Have Chosen... mystery.

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