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A crassian warrior.

Crassians are an ancient, aquatic race, many of which resemble a combination between crabs and squids, although one individual, The Crassian Leviathan, has a more eel or hydra-like appearance. The race was completely unknown until Captain Mulligan and his smugglers accidentally woke them while setting up a hideout in the Ashdale Caves.

It was believed that they reproduced by trapping their victims within an egg, where they slowly transformed into crassians themselves. This may be disputed however, with a massive amount of Crassians serving The Ambassador, along with the presence of smaller Crassians. Ashdale's Crassians are bright in colour, while those serving the Ambassador are more darker, perhaps a result of corruption.

Most crassians are not very intelligent beings and are mainly interested in feeding and reproducing, although one individual Crassian, The Sanctum Guardian, is capable of intelligent speech.

They are first encountered during the quest "A Shadow over Ashdale", and again in Beneath Cursed Tides, in which Hector Vivian calls for a group of Crassians to aid him in fighting the adventurer and Wizard Myrtle.

Captain Rabid Jack controls Zogoth, a zombified Crassian, who also has minions of its own at its disposal.

Several crassians are encountered inside the Temple of Aminishi and The Shadow Reef.

Crassians can also be encountered in the Uncharted Isles in The Arc.

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