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Crackjaw is a bizarre fantastical creature that according to stories has the ability to rebound any weapon and change its shape drastically. It appears nowhere in the game and is implied to be nothing but a hoax.

During Deadliest Catch, Linza mentions that at one point in time she travelled into the Wilderness with her friends to look for the fabled beast. She was excited to see how the weapons and armour she had made for them fared against the creature's skin, which she theorised to be incredibly flexible yet tough. However, she and her friends were ambushed by lowlifes instead, and led her to conclude that the creature was nothing but a lie.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Crackjaw was one of names a player suggested in the What's My Name? competition and that players could vote for in a contest poll in which the players could decide the name of the sea creature appearing in Deadliest Catch. The poll was ultimately won by Thalassus.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Linza, "Deadliest Catch", RuneScape. "On one occasion similar to this, I was looking for the fabled Crackjaw. I headed off into the middle of the Wilderness with some of my more...combative friends to track down the beast. It was quite exciting to see how the weapons and armour I'd made them fared! The creature was said to rebound any weapon and change shape dramatically. I guessed it'd have skin that could easily stretch to double its original size, yet remain incredibly tough. [...] We never found it. I can only suppose it was a lie. Instead, we were ambushed by some lowlifes – it was quite the onslaught!"