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Cosmic Ordering can be obtained from the excavation hotspots at the Orthen - Observation outpost excavation site. The other pages for completing the Death Watch mystery are Dinosaurs 101, Next of Kin, and Pain! It! Black!.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Prior to the evacuation of our beloved home world, the kin relied upon the base elements as a source of power. They were fit for purpose, but hardly essential for how we lived our lives. We found greater use for them during our mass exodus through the Abyss, as well as discovering new hybrid sources of similar power.

Since Varanus's passing, however, Skeka has divined some new elements - those of mind and body, and of cosmic and astral origins. They surround and envelope us, but in a raw, unrefined state that cannot see direct use. She hopes to generate new tools that can help to harness this new source of power - one such device, a pyramid-shaped handheld device that can collect and focus the ambient power for localised uses. She has conveyed her findings to the team, who have set to work in creating other devices that harness this power. One project showing early signs of value is a device to induce and extend our natural hibernation periods. Another device is able to copy and store memories. The Syrtes are excited to use these latter devices to better share our creative works with the rest of the kin. Skeka herself, however, I have noticed is spending less time at the outpost, and what time she does spend here is split between tending to her personal 'medicinal' plants and making use of the outpost's pylon. I get the impression she is trying to be secretive and sneak off at times, but I see her comings and goings.

This is a troubling development - what could she be working on that she wishes to keep secret from her team? I have embedded one of the new recording devices in the pylon, which will trigger whenever she makes use of it. I hate to betray her trust like this, but my elder has requested this of me, so I have no choice. I am sure it is fine, but if it is not, I will at least talk to her about it first before reporting back to the Syrtes councillors.

-Kranon, Syrtes cleric

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