Corrupt dragon plateskirt

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For other variants of this item, see non-corrupt.
Corrupt dragon plateskirt detail.png

The corrupt dragon plateskirt was released on 15 October 2008 along with PvP worlds. It is the strongest plateskirt available to non-members, but it crumbles to dust after 30 minutes of wearing. Because of this, the skirt (along with most other corrupt dragon armour) is often sold as soon as a player obtains it. It requires 60 Defence to wear. For free players however, this is a marginally better choice of leg armour, as it is as strong as the dragon plateskirt, corrupt dragon platelegs, and non-corrupt dragon platelegs, except slightly cheaper.

Players can obtain this item either by trading with another player, or by receiving it as a very rare drop from killing Revenants or the Chaos Elemental.

Warning: Once you wear this item for longer than a few seconds, it will have the word (deg) added to its name and it becomes untradeable. Using this item in combat adds the (deg) to its name almost instantly, also rendering it untradeable.

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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Chaos Elemental P2P305 Multicombat.png11/28800[dr 1]P2P icon.png
Chaos Elemental F2P305 Multicombat.png1Very rareN/A
Revenant cyclops60 Multicombat.png12/85162[dr 1]F2P icon.png
Revenant dark beast112 Multicombat.png12/62381[dr 1]F2P icon.png
Revenant demon84 Multicombat.png12/71973[dr 1]F2P icon.png
Revenant dragon126 Multicombat.png12/58828[dr 1]P2P icon.png
Revenant goblin16; 19; 22; 28 Multicombat.png12/124762[dr 1]F2P icon.png
Revenant goblin16; 19; 22; 28 Multicombat.png12/140723[dr 1]F2P icon.png
Revenant goblin16; 19; 22; 28 Multicombat.png12/151371[dr 1]F2P icon.png
Revenant goblin16; 19; 22; 28 Multicombat.png12/165000[dr 1]F2P icon.png
Revenant hellhound70 Multicombat.png12/78848[dr 1]F2P icon.png
Revenant hobgoblin44 Multicombat.png12/99550[dr 1]F2P icon.png
Revenant icefiend37 Multicombat.png12/108548[dr 1]F2P icon.png
Revenant imp14 Multicombat.png12/176473[dr 1]F2P icon.png
Revenant knight119 Multicombat.png12/60500[dr 1]F2P icon.png
Revenant ork98 Multicombat.png12/66671[dr 1]F2P icon.png
Revenant pyrefiend40 Multicombat.png12/104434[dr 1]F2P icon.png
Revenant vampyre47 Multicombat.png12/96206[dr 1]F2P icon.png
Revenant werewolf53 Multicombat.png12/90662[dr 1]F2P icon.png
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Disassembly[edit | edit source]