Strategies for Corporeal Beast

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Invasion plans.png
This article is a strategy guide for Corporeal Beast.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page.

Recommended levels and equipment[edit | edit source]

Quest points.png
You need to complete the quest Summer's End to gain access to this boss.
Level recommendations
Style All Large.png
It is recommended to have at least level 80+ in your chosen combat style (Attack & Strength, Ranged or Magic).
It is recommended to have at least level 80+ Defence.
Protect from Melee.png
At least 43 Prayer is recommended to use protection prayers against this boss' attacks.
Deflect Magic.png
If you deal low damage use protect from magic or deflect magic.
Soul Split.png
If you deal high damage, you can use soul split during the fight instead of protection prayers.
Equipment recommendations
Use tier 80 weaponry or better
(see recommendations).
Super attack detail.png
Use the best combat potion that you have to increase your hit chance and damage. At least super potions are recommended.
Masuta's warspear detail.png
This boss takes 50% reduced damage from weapons other than spears or hastae so it is strongly recommended to use one of the spear weapons listed below.
Anima core body of Zaros detail.png
Use tier 80 or better armour (see more recommendations). It is recommended to fight this boss using melee due to the necessity of a spear.
Optional boosts
Familiar immune.png
You cannot use familiars at this boss because the Corporeal Beast eats familiars regularly. Legendary pets can be used for most of their abilities but will be consumed if used as a beast of burden.
Slayer helmet immune.png
This boss does not count as any slayer task, so the slayer helmet damage boost has no effect.
Cinderbane gloves detail.png
This boss is poisonable, and cinderbane gloves and weapon poisons deal additional damage.

Presets[edit | edit source]

Vampyrism aura.png
Jaws of the Abyss.png
Scrimshaw of vampyrism.png
Igneous Kal-Ket.png
Essence of Finality amulet (or).png
Grasping rune pouch (pink).png
Augmented Masterwork Spear of Annihilation.png
Augmented vestments of havoc robe top.png
Off-hand slot.png
Augmented vestments of havoc robe bottom.png
Cinderbane gloves.png
Vestments of havoc boots.png
Champion's ring.png
Elder overload salve (6).pngElder overload salve (6).pngPotion reservoir.png2Infernal Puzzle Box.png
Cannonball.png10000Super restore flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).png
Abyssal armour spikes (alloy).png10000Super restore flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).pngSuper restore flask (6).png
Luck potion.pngWeapon poison+++ (4).pngWeapon poison+++ (1).pngBlue blubber jellyfish.png
Kinetic cyclone.png
Gold charm.pngGreen charm.pngCrimson charm.pngBlue charm.png
Powder of penance.png2Augmented enhanced Excalibur.pngAncient elven ritual shard.pngHoly wrench.png

Action Bar[edit | edit source]

  • Quake.png
  • Hurricane.png
  • Dismember.png
  • Chaos Roar.png
  • Blood Tendrils.png
  • Cleave.png
  • Sever.png
  • Overpower.png
  • Assault.png
  • Greater Fury.png
  • Smash.png
  • Sacrifice.png
  • Slaughter.png

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Players fighting the Corporeal Beast.

Players should use a spear for the fight, as all damage dealt to the Corporeal Beast by a weapon other than a spear or hasta is reduced by 50%. Summoning familiars should not be used either, as the beast will consume them, healing itself by the amount of life points that the familiar had remaining.

Despite being categorised as mid-level boss, the Corporeal Beast is significantly stronger than most other bosses around its level in solo encounters. Protection prayers/curses only block 25% of damage dealt by the Corporeal Beast's damage (instead of the usual 50%).

The Beast uses melee and magic auto-attacks. It uses three different magic special attacks:

  • High damage - indicated by a blast-like projectile. This attack can deal up to 4,500 Magic damage if not protected against.
  • Stat draining - a weaker, more transparent projectile. It deals less damage but drains the player's Magic, Summoning or Prayer level. If these levels are already at 0 then the attack will instead deal a greater amount of damage.
  • Multi-hit - an extremely transparent and wavy orb that targets the tile that the player is standing on. Upon impact with the player it will deal a relatively high amount of damage. If it does not hit a player then it will shatter into five smaller orbs which rebound and can deal a lower amount of damage if they hit a player. All orbs have a 3x3 area of effect (AoE).

The beast can also spawn a level 105 dark energy core. The core will target and move towards the player (or one of the players if killing the beast with others). If a player is within a 3x3 AoE centred on the core they will be dealt 400-600 hard typeless damage and lose 20 prayer points for every tick that they remain in the area. Damage dealt by the core will also restore the Corporeal Beast's health by the same amount. There is no limit to how many cores the Beast can summon during a fight. Hits that deal over 5,000 damage will prompt the Beast to almost immediately launch a core in response.

Whenever a dark energy core spawns, it should be taken out with AoE abilities. Using Hurricane and/or Cleave should be sufficient. If none of these abilities are available, it is best to run around the beast so that the core has to keep tracking the player until the abilities can be used.