Cooks, Apprentices and Kitchen Experts Society

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The Cooks, Apprentices and Kitchen Experts Society is an organisation of culinary-minded people, who meet up regularly to exchange recipes and ideas, as well as share tales[1] and refreshments such as Short Green Guys.[2] They recently lost their leader who "retired" following an incident involving a wild pie,[3] so the Head Chef of the Cooks' Guild seeks to be voted in as the Society's next leader. Eventually, with the assistance of a passing adventurer who was a member of the guild, the Head Chef was able to secure the leadership position with his cheesecake.

Members[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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  2. ^ Delphie, "Chef's Assistant", RuneScape. "[The Head Chef] hints about it at every Cooks, Apprentices and Kitchen Experts Society meeting, then gets blind drunk on Short Green Guys, and gives all the details to anyone that will listen!"
  3. ^ Head Chef, "Chef's Assistant", RuneScape. "The Cooks, Apprentices and Kitchen Experts Society are looking for a new leader, after the previous one, er... 'retired'.[...]There was... an incident... with a wild pie. Things got a bit messy... we don't really speak of it... But at least there were no lasting injuries!"