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The Cooking Station is the only place where the eastern soups rocktail and sailfish soup can be made. To have access to the Cooking Station, the player must have at least built a refitted workshop which costs 500 black slate and 2,000 bamboo. At least level 93 Cooking is required to make use of it (the requirement to make rocktail soups). Making either soup requires a number of spices and an equal number of either rocktail or sailfish, depending on the soup being made.

Eastern Soups[edit | edit source]

Preparation Use
Image Name Spices Cooked Fish Level Heals Level
Rocktail soup Rocktail soup 1 Spices.png 1x Rocktail 93 Cooking 2500 LP 96 Constitution
Sailfish soup Sailfish soup 1 Spices.png 1x Sailfish 99 Cooking 2600 LP 99 Constitution

Based on the Grand Exchange prices of rocktail soup, an approximate value for spices can be calculated as follows:

Item Grand Exchange price Fish price Fish type Spices value
Rocktail soup.png Rocktail soup 20,394 1,976 Rocktail 18,418
Sailfish soup.png Sailfish soup 38,425 3,777 Sailfish 34,648

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