Cook (Jolly Boar Inn)

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Cook (Jolly Boar Inn) chathead.png

The Cook works at the Jolly Boar Inn kitchen area, northeast of Varrock and west of the Varrock lumber yard. He is a bald man with brown goatee, sandals, and a white apron only appearing in his leg area.

He always seemed to be in a grumpy state of mind, though if asked for a joke, he would only make fun of you. When asked why he works near the Wilderness, he responds that it has "sucked the warmth and humanity" out of him, and now he is a "hollow shell holding nothing but anger, misery, and gourmet recipes". Despite his negative outlook, if asked for food, he will offer cabbage for 1 coin.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Cook (Jolly Boar Inn) speaks in:

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