Cook (Blue Moon Inn)

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The Cook is a Varrock born and raised non-player character found in the kitchen at the back of the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock. Players can speak to him to purchase a cabbage at a cost of one coin, though he is rather cantankerous and starts the conversation by saying he is busy.

The cook is working on a range, probably cleaning it. Players can insult him by describing his kitchen as "horrible", although he will take extreme offence to this and say that his "daily sweat and elbow-grease keep this kitchen clean" (which players misinterpret and exclaim, "Eww!").

This cook seems to be far less happy in his work than other cooks around Gielinor. This is understandable, since he seems to spend most of his time cleaning the oven rather than actually cooking anything.

According to the Varrock Census, he could be Raminme Altrodor.

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