Contact juggling resting token

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Contact juggling resting token may no longer be obtainable (except through trading or reclaiming) but could be re-released in the future.
This item has been re-released at least once.
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The contact juggling resting token was originally a reward from the 2017 Spring Fayre. Activating it unlocks the Contact Juggling Resting override and consumes the token.

Store locations[edit | edit source]

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Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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Release history[edit | edit source]

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Start date End date Content Notes
8 November 2018 (Update) 19 September 2018 Buried Treasure Via animation chests
23 July 2018 (Update) 12 November 2018 Prime Gaming First time becoming available as a possible reward from animation chests which could be obtained from umbral chests as part of the promotion - see page for more release dates
26 March 2018 (Update) 30 April 2018 Spring Fayre (2018) Via skilling, Nixie's shop and the cosmetics stall
24 April 2017 (Update) 5 June 2017 Spring Fayre (2017) Via skilling and Nixie's shop

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