Construction Supplies (Prifddinas)

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Construction Supplies is a shop that sells construction supplies. It is run by a sawmill operator. It is located in the east of the Ithell Clan district. The stock is a combination of Construction Supplies, owned by the Varrock Sawmill, and stock from the Keldagrim Stonemason.

When the Voice of Seren switches to the Ithell district, the stock of this shop replenishes and then doubles (giving 500 limestone, 30 magic stones, etc.).

Stock[edit | edit source]

Item Stock Sell price Buy price GE price Resale value
Saw.png: Construction Supplies (Prifddinas) sells 5 of Saw for 13 and buys them for 3Saw513Coins 5.png3Coins 3.png1,020Coins 1000.png5,035Coins 1000.png
Bolt of cloth.png: Construction Supplies (Prifddinas) sells 150 of Bolt of cloth for 650 and buys them for 195Bolt of cloth150650Coins 250.png195Coins 100.png1,397Coins 1000.png112,050Coins 10000.png
Bronze nails.png: Construction Supplies (Prifddinas) sells 150 of Bronze nails for 7 and buys them for 1Bronze nails1507Coins 5.png1Coins 1.png12Coins 5.png750Coins 250.png
Iron nails.png: Construction Supplies (Prifddinas) sells 150 of Iron nails for 33 and buys them for 1Iron nails15033Coins 25.png1Coins 1.png26Coins 25.png-1,050Coins 1000.png
Steel nails.png: Construction Supplies (Prifddinas) sells 150 of Steel nails for 52 and buys them for 1Steel nails15052Coins 25.png1Coins 1.png67Coins 25.png2,250Coins 1000.png
Limestone brick.png: Construction Supplies (Prifddinas) sells 250 of Limestone brick for 21 and buys them for 6Limestone brick25021Coins 5.png6Coins 5.png397Coins 250.png94,000Coins 10000.png
Marble block.png: Construction Supplies (Prifddinas) sells 15 of Marble block for 325000 and buys them for 97500Marble block15325,000Coins 10000.png97,500Coins 10000.png319,752Coins 10000.png-78,720Coins 10000.png
Gold leaf.png: Construction Supplies (Prifddinas) sells 15 of Gold leaf for 130000 and buys them for 39000Gold leaf15130,000Coins 10000.png39,000Coins 10000.png135,421Coins 10000.png81,315Coins 10000.png
Magic stone.png: Construction Supplies (Prifddinas) sells 15 of Magic stone for 975000 and buys them for 292500Magic stone15975,000Coins 10000.png292,500Coins 10000.png969,279Coins 10000.png-85,815Coins 10000.png

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