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The Consortium, also known as the Dwarven Consortium and Mining Consortium, is a large trading organisation composed of the eight largest mining companies in the dwarven capital city of Keldagrim. Together, the eight companies ruled the dwarven realm until the crowning of Veldaban in the year 169 of the Fifth Age. The headquarters for the consortium, known as the Trade Octagon, is located on the top floor of the palace, which spans the river in the centre of Keldagrim.

History[edit | edit source]

The Consortium was founded by King Alvis in approximately 1669 of the Fourth Age, roughly 500 years ago. Originally intended to serve the King, after a time of faithful service it quickly became more powerful than the monarchy. By the time of King Alvis's death, the monarchy was all but useless. After his death, no king was ever reinstated, and the Era of Kings came to an end.

The palace which stretched across the River Kelda was modified to include new features that would aid the Consortium, including eight small offices and the Trade Octagon, an area where the eight companies could trade mass goods amongst themselves.

The Trade Octagon, where the Consortium conducts most of its trades.

Since the time the Consortium was founded, the eight companies have changed many times. Some companies were pushed out by larger, newer companies, and others lost so much power they were relegated to being a minor company. No company ever willingly left the Consortium, until The Red Axe during the events of Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf.

The Consortium has brought a new era of prosperity to Keldagrim. Many new advancements have been made, both technological and diplomatic. Most notable is the recent development of steam engine technology. Using heated water, the dwarves have been able to construct many new machines, including steam-powered ships, advanced mine cart systems, the blast furnace, and the Dorgesh-Kaan - Keldagrim Train System. The Consortium has also become involved with the Dorgeshuun, sending Ambassador Alvijar to Dorgesh-Kaan. They also seem to have sent Hofuthand to Varrock to establish ties with the humans in the Grand Exchange.

Trouble brewing[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during The Giant Dwarf.

In the year 169 of the Fifth Age, Keldagrim began opening to humans, with one of them being offered a boat ride to the city. However, the operator of the boat intentionally crashed into the status of King Alvis, causing the human to be arrested. The human was able to negotiate with the Black Guard by assisting in the statue's reconstruction. However, the Consortium argued over the head that should be placed inside, with each director nominating themselves. The human joined one of the companies and was able to obtain enough favour with their director, nominating them for the statue, much to Hreidmar's (the Red Axe director) fury, and he withdrew his company from the Consortium in protest. It is later revealed in Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf that Hreidmar had bribed the operator to intentionally crash into the statue, so the human could be blamed.

Due to Hreidmar's resignation, the Orange Flame soon filled up the Red Axe's spot.

The lava mine incident[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during King of the Dwarves.

Hreidmar, looking to legitimize himself as the rightful ruler of Keldagrim (having seen the records and confirming it himself), sent several chaos dwarves to sabotage the Lava Flow Mine. The sabotage was a success, and the Consortium immediately responded by sending the Black Guard; not to triage the wounded, but to repair the machinery damaged by the explosion. Although the same human from before arrived to help rescue the injured dwarves, several died, leading to the masses' fury as they saw the Consortium valuing machinery over lives. The Black Guard then took Veldaban in for questioning, prompting the adventurer to come alongside him.

At the palace, the Consortium directors were in a panic; two of the directors knew that they had done an immoral action, while another two believed their actions were justified. The adventurer was able to convince the directors to release Veldaban, just as a Black Guard member informed them of a chaos dwarf army at Barendir and a mob outside the palace, with Heridmar rallying them.

The Consortium gave in to the mobs' demands to appoint a king due to the chaos within. Veldaban, Meike and the adventurer were able to confirm Hreidmar was the rightful ruler of Keldagrim, but due to his conversion of chaos dwarves, Veldaban feared he would bring disaster to the dwarves. Meike was able to forge the documents to make Veldaban the rightful ruler. When the Consortium took the papers out of storage, proclaiming Veldaban as their rightful leader, much to Hreidmar's fury; he then attempted to unleash his chaos dwarf army on Keldagrim, but they were routed by trolls led by Pretty Flower after the adventurer visited them, gained their trust and then stated that Colonel Grimsson insulted Pretty Flower. The Consortium then returned to their original intention as an advisory group, though they still continued to maintain Keldagrim's economy.

Era of kings[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Birthright of the Dwarves.

Veldaban's rule was not going smoothly however, as his experiences with the Consortium caused him to alienate them. After the chaos dwarf army was routed by Pretty Flower's tribe, Hreidmar realized that he only had two years of ruling, and thus decided to give up on his ambitions, abandoning all of their contacts in the city, stopped kidnapping dwarves from East Keldagrim and creating a replica of the palace in another section of the caves. This long period of inaction caused Veldaban to believe that the Red Axe was plotting revenge, causing him much trouble with the Consortium. He therefore called on his human friend to end the Red Axe's plot for good. They were successfully able to do so, with the adventurer's decisions choosing Veldaban's fate.

Should Veldaban be spared, the Consortium will confront him after the Red Axe's downfall, as they had appointed him to become king to deal with the Red Axe, which was resolved. The adventurer could then ask Veldaban to step down, or remain as king. If Veldaban stepped down, the Consortium then manages Keldagrim's affairs; if Veldaban remained on the throne, the Consortium remained his advisors, but Veldaban was able to work with them, to both parties' delight.

Should Veldaban be killed, the Consortium began looking for a replacement, as Veldaban left no heirs behind to succeed him. The adventurer could then decide whether they could look for a replacement, or allow the Consortium to take power. Should the adventurer suggest to look for the rightful king, they comply, and crown the Drunken dwarf as king after looking through the records. Otherwise, they return to managing Keldagrim's affairs.

If the Consortium returned to power, then the directors, not wanting to let their power be threatened again, gave authorization to the Black Guard to quell riots and uprisings with force.

Current members[edit | edit source]

There are, as always, eight companies in the Consortium. Each company helps to decide not only what is best for their company's individual needs, but helps to ensure that the city is led properly. The current members of the Consortium are:

The Red Axe is currently the largest of the eight companies, and has the most political power of the eight. Also, the Yellow Fortune allows only women to join, while the Brown Engine will only accept men. The Red Axe, however, can't be joined, because they have an anti-humans policy, meaning that no human is allowed to join the company, only dwarves can have that right.

Other dwarven companies[edit | edit source]

Although the eight Consortium members are by far the most well-known companies in the Keldagrim, there are many more that operate throughout the city and the Dwarven Realm. Most have not been identified by name.

Quests involving the Consortium[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It was possible to see the Consortium from the Prison Pete random event with the Orb of Oculus, but not the other way around.
Predecessor Title Successor
King Alvis Rulers of Keldagrim and the Dwarven Realm King Veldaban
Predecessor Title Successor
King Veldaban Rulers of Keldagrim and the Dwarven Realm Possibly the Consortium or the Drunken Dwarf