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A compost bin is an immovable container where weeds, crops, herbs, fruits and other Farming skill products are placed to make compost, supercompost, ultracompost, or rotten tomatoes. Compost bins are located next to allotment/flower/herb patches, Herblore Habitat and Prifddinas:

Compost bin locations
Old Farm, South of Falador (Cabbage teleport with Explorer ring 3 or 4)
West of Port Phasmatys (Ectophial teleport)
Manor Farm, North of Ardougne (Ardougne cloak teleport to farm, or Ardougne lodestone)
North of Catherby (Just west of the Catherby lodestone)
Astram Farm in Taverley, next to the potato patch. (Just north of Taverley lodestone)
Middle camp of Herblore Habitat (Juju spiritbag teleport)
Inner circle of the Crwys district of Prifddinas

Players need 15 unnoted items to fill the compost bin, which they can then close to start the rotting process.

Players must use 15 supercompost-compatible items in the compost bin to make supercompost - even one incompatible item will make the whole contents into regular compost. This is the same when making rotten tomatoes. A message will pop up warning the player if they attempt at add a wrong item.

When examined, players can see how full the bin is, from empty through to completely full (0-15 items). Since different players fill the compost bins with different quantities of items, the examine text is different for each player depending on what they have put inside.

Compost generally takes between 35-50 minutes to decompose inside the bin. Supercompost takes around 90 minutes.

Products of rotting[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 5 August 2019 (Update):
    • Super compost will no longer be made instantly when using tomatoes on the compost bin.
  • patch 6 May 2009 (Update):
    • The ‘locked’ sound effect plays when trying to open a compost bin that's not ready.