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A compost bin is used while Farming to process compostable items, such as weeds, crops, herbs, fruit, and other Farming products into compost, supercompost, and ultracompost. All compost bins access a single compost mound, and compost that is processed is available at all compost bins.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Compost bins are located next to some farming patches:

Hints Maps
South of Falador, near Falador farm (cabbage-port with explorer's ring 3 or 4)
Next to the potato patch in Taverley (just north of Taverley lodestone)
Next to the herb patch in Garden of Kharid, east of Al Kharid mine
West of Port Phasmatys (teleport using crop or master farmer outfit (up to three a day), or ectophial)
Near Manor Farm, north-east of East Ardougne (teleport using animal or master farmer outfit, Ardougne cloak 4, or Ardougne lodestone)
North-west of Catherby (teleport using modified botanist's mask (up to three a day) or Catherby lodestone)
Herblore Habitat (teleport using crop or master farmer outfit (if a witchdoctor mask or juju spiritbag is owned), or a juju spiritbag)
Inner circle of the Crwys district in Prifddinas

Usage[edit | edit source]

Players need noted or unnoted items to fill the compost bin and then they will to start the rotting process. Each item added into the bin yields 1 Farming experience. Using a compostable item on the bin will prompt the player for the quantity they would like to deposit, and the given quantity of items will be deposited instantly.

When checked for contents, players can see how full the compost mound is, from empty to completely full (up to 1,000 of each of both unprocessed and processed compost type). Since different players fill the compost bins with different quantities of items, the hint is different for each player depending on what they have put inside.

Compost bins take five minutes to process three units of compost, supercompost, or ultracompost. The process prioritises ultracompost over supercompost and supercompost over compost. This means that until all the material for ultracompost is processed, no supercompost or compost is produced. Once a material is added to the compost bin, there is no way to remove it. So, if a supercompost is needed, one should wait until all the ultracompost is processed first.

Using compost potion converts 15 compostable items or processed compost into processed supercompost.

Compost mound's familiar scroll, Generate Compost, will place 15 compost into the compost bin, with a 10% chance to get supercompost. Cast the special on any bin to use it.

Once the compost has processed items, players can take the compost out of the bin using buckets. Players who purchase the Buckets All the Way Down unlock at Sydekix's Shop of Balance for 10,000 Crux Eqal favour do not require buckets to take the compost from the bin.

Boosting yield[edit | edit source]

If you have a large pen with a farm totem, you can place an elder bull in it to activate the "Bully for You" perk, which will cause the processing of compost to have a 20% chance to save 50% of the unprocessed items. Placing an elder bull in both of the large pens with farm totems increases the chance to save to 1/3.

Products of rotting[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 21 November 2022 (Update):
    • Adding multiple items to Compost Bins will now prompt the player for quantity, allowing players to place multiple items at once.
  • update 7 November 2022 (Update):
    • All compost bins are graphically updated.
    • All compost bins have new processing mechanism.
      • Compost Bins will access a single compost mound which holds up to 1,000 of each processed compost type and up to 1,000 of each unprocessed type.
      • The bins will process three units of compost every five minutes.
      • All Compost Bins will be graphically updated.
      • The Super Compost Potion now converts 15 compost (starting with unprocessed compost) to processed supercompost.
      • Compost mound's familiar scroll, Generate Compost, will places 15 compost into the Compost Bin, with a 10% chance to get supercompost. Cast the special on any Bin to use it.
      • Player-owned farm bull perk will offer a 1 in 5 or 1 in 3 chance to prevent half of the compost being processed from being consumed. This chance rounds down.