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Concept of different cape categories and tiers

Completionist cape rework is an update that made changes to the completionist cape. Initially the rework was larger in scope, but the design was simplified and a smaller amount of the proposed changes were released on 24 June 2019 (Update).

Scrapped features[edit | edit source]

Archived design document

The idea was to rework Achievements to remove the Completionist category and add a Lore category, with individual achievements being re-categorised appropriately. Most Achievements would then be assigned a tier (1, 2 or 3 depending on difficulty/how time consuming they are) within their category. Within each tier of each category there would be a "meta achievement", e.g. complete all quests for lore achievements tier 1, for tier 2 to complete tier 1 meta achievement as well as have all miniquests and post-quest achievements, for tier 3 to have tier 2 meta achievement plus all lore books. Each meta achievement would be associated with a cape. With 6 categories of achievement having 3 tiers each, there would be 18 of these capes in total.[1]

Non-stat cape bonuses, which were stored and accessed from the completionist cape itself, would no longer be tied to the completionist cape and would instead be unlocked for the character itself. Active benefits, such as teleport options, would be right-click options for any equipped cape. Passive abilities, such as those from ava's accumulator, would be permanently unlocked without the player having to have any item equipped. A cape-customisation interface may be implemented to allow players to choose which active benefits are available via right-clicking a cape and to show which passive benefits are unlocked. A further idea is to have a passive stat boost of +11 armour, +3 Prayer bonus, and +5 to each combat style unlocked at all times with the tier 1 (or tier 2, depending on how the requirements are balanced) combat cape unlocked. This would stack with any cape that the player has equipped.[1][2]

The new equivalent of completionist capes would be awarded at having all tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 meta achievements complete. The completionist capes would not give any additional stat boosts over having any tier 1 meta achievement completed. There would be "lockdown" weeks every 6 months, rather than previously tried grace periods for new requirements for the completionist cape. During a lockdown week, any updates released in the preceding 6 months would be added to the completionist cape.[1]

Existing completionist and trimmed completionist capes would become cosmetic "Legacy" versions of themselves, with no changes to their current requirements. They would still be obtainable and wearable after the rework. This would allow Jagex to address controversial requirements, such as the Reaper title and Castle Wars. The max cape would retain its current appearance and would be a separate cape to the tier 1 skills cape, which may have other requirements than level 99 in all stats. The quest cape and master quest cape will also keep their current appearances. They will either become the new tier 1 and tier 3 lore capes or will be additional cosmetic unlocks obtained alongside new tier 1 and tier 3 lore capes.[1][2]

Development[edit | edit source]

The developers of the Mining and Smithing rework began soliciting player feedback on how to rework the completionist cape after the post-release work on that update. A developer blog and in-game poll on what players feel the concept of the completionist cape should represent were launched on 23 January 2019.[3] The poll attempted to gauge players' feelings about potential issues with the completionist cape; such as the cape having best in slot stats, inconsistency in requirements, and the gap between obtaining max and completionist capes.[4]

Poll[edit | edit source]

The opinion poll results were as follows[5]:

1) Capes of accomplishment (especially comp) have best in slot stats and utility. We want to make capes of accomplishment seem less mandatory for PVM. What is your preferred solution?

Option Players with completionist cape Players without completionist cape
Capes of accomplishment should be cosmetic only, meaning useful capes come from other sources (fire cape, new drops, etc) 22% 32%
Capes of accomplishment should still be best in slot, but the best cape should be easier to get and maintain than comp in some way (but still difficult) 29% 41%
Don't change anything about the way benefits on capes works. 49% 27%

2) Some old updates never had requirements added to comp and/or trim comp. Assuming comp is no longer tied to best in slot stats and benefits, should we go back and add requirements for updates that we didn't add to comp and trim comp in the past?

Option Players with completionist cape Players without completionist cape
Yes, go back and add all the missing requirements immediately 26% 28%
Yes, add missing requirements but do it gradually over time 41% 45%
No, don't add any missing requirements 33% 27%

3) We need to write a consistent definition of what should and shouldn't be on comp and trim comp in the future. When we do, should we remove requirements from comp and trim comp if they don't fit it?

Option Players with completionist cape Players without completionist cape
Yes, remove requirements if they don't fit the definition of the cape 65% 84%
No, old requirements should never be removed 35% 16%

4) The way capes of accomplishment work makes players feel compelled to grind out new requirements as quickly as possible to get the cape back. What is your preferred solution?

Option Players with completionist cape Players without completionist cape
A special cape for players who have previously owned the cape (e.g. ex-comp, ex-trim, etc) 21% 30%
A grace period during which the player can still wear the cape while completing the content 59% 51%
None, this is not a problem 21% 18%

5) Some players consider content like forced group content or very challenging PvM bosses to be inaccessible to them. Should such content be on capes of accomplishment?

Option Players with completionist cape Players without completionist cape
Yes, all relevant content should be on capes 40% 26%
No, but there should be a separate cape or trim which recognises completion of all relevant content 34% 50%
No, this content should not be required for capes 26% 25%

Concept art for new tiered capes[edit | edit source]

The concept art for the newly suggested tier capes was shown on stream on 16 April 2019.[6]

Feedback[edit | edit source]

In early May 2019, based on player feedback, mainly complaints that the design was too complex, caused Jagex to simplify the design as well as further explaining it in another devblog. It was subsequently accounced in the June 2019 Behind the Scenes article that the simplified comp cape rework was being released that month.

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