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Community events, including competitions, allow players to engage in a variety of activities with each other. Depending on the event, rewards may be available including in-game items and experience or real-life prizes.

Jagex Clan Cup[edit | edit source]

Main article: Jagex Clan Cup
Jagex Cup.png

The Jagex Clan Cup is an annual competition hosted by Jagex, and occasionally players on their behalf, that brings clans together to battle it out in a series of challenges.

Winners of the most recent Clan Cup are added to the Clan Cup plaque in-game, and may also receive additional awards such as custom logos in clan citadels and on clan vexillums. In recent years, rewards have also included bonds and signed artwork.

Festivals[edit | edit source]

Ire of Phyrrys Festival[edit | edit source]

The Ire of Phyrrys Festival was a forum community event ran between 22 September and 25 September 2010 in order to celebrate the longest month in the Gielinor calendar (the 8th month). It featured various skilling and combat activities, which included duelling and games of Castle Wars.

RuneScape Summer Festival[edit | edit source]

The RuneScape Summer Festival was a festival that was held on the weekend of 4 July 2010. It was comprised of four events, including a costume competition, the opening parade for the Jagex Clan Cup 2010, a Triumvirate challenge, and a summer party.

Competitions[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Start End Prize
N/A Jagex Clan Cup 2009 April 2009 May 2009 None
Jagex Cup.png Jagex Clan Cup 2019 19 August 2019 25 August 2019 Access to a crystal themed clan avatar, stickied thread in the clan recruitment forums and 12% XP boost/100% faster capping for a month
Machinima-news-image.jpg RuneScape Machinima Competition 11 August 2009 25 August 2009 Trip to Jagex's HQ, signed merchandise, lifetime membership subscription
Machinima-news-image.jpg RuneScape Machinima Competition 2 29 January 2010 19 February 2010 Trip to Jagex's HQ, lifetime membership subscription
Big ticket.jpg Big Ticket 2010 5 March 2010 30 June 2010 All-expenses-paid trip to Jagex, lifetime membership, meal with Mark Gerhard, and other prizes
N/A International PvP War 31 July 2010 1 August 2010 None
CastleWarsbanner.png International Castle Wars Tournament 14 August 2010 4 September 2010
Clan cup 2010 plaque.png Jagex Clan Cup 2010 June 2010 August 2010 Trip to Jagex's HQ, lifetime membership subscription, clan featured on the in-game Clan Cup plaque
N/A International Castle Wars Tournament 18 April 2011 17 October 2011
N/A What's My Name? 9 May 2011 20 May 2011 Named boss for Deadliest Catch
Clan cup 2010 plaque.png Jagex Clan Cup 2011 22 July 2011 September 2011 Clan featured on the in-game Clan Cup plaque, custom clan logo, recruitment threads stickied for a month
Jagex Cup.png Jagex Clan Cup 2012 25 June 2012 October 2012 Clan featured on the in-game Clan Cup plaque
Jagex Cup.png Jagex Clan Cup 2013 September 2013 2013 Clan featured on the in-game Clan Cup plaque, stickied recruitment thread
Jagex Cup.png Jagex Clan Cup 2014 2 September 2014 6 November 2014 Clan featured on the in-game Clan Cup plaque, trip to Jagex's HQ
Jagex Cup.png Jagex Clan Cup 2015 7 September 2015 25 October 2015 (Initial), 7 January 2016 (Raid cup rerun) Clan featured on the in-game Clan Cup plaque, trip to Jagex's HQ
Vampyre's Riddle homepage image.png Vampyre's Riddle 8 September 2015 21 September 2015 Signed concept art, bonds
Menaphos factions.jpg Golden Path Challenge 25 April 2017 21 May 2017 (Golden pet cut-off)
6 June 2017 (1st raffle entry)
12 June 2017 (2nd raffle entry)
Pets, tickets to RuneFest 2017, lifetime membership subscription
Jagex Cup.png Jagex Clan Cup 2016 10 October 2016 November 2016 Clan featured on the in-game Clan Cup plaque, sticked recruitment threads in the RuneScape Forums, concept art, bonds
Skybox Screenshot Competition forum post header.png Skybox Screenshot Competition 10 May 2017 22 May 2017 NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080 graphics card, bonds
N/A Dimension of the Damned 16 October 2017 (Qualifiers) 18 November 2017 In-game pets, all-expenses paid trips to Jagex, coins, titles, lifetime membership subscriptions
N/A International Fight Knights War Tournament May 2010 May 2010 Wallpaper download of a trophy with the winning country's flag
N/A International Fight Knights War Tournament 2 November 2010 December 5 2010 Wallpaper download of a trophy with the winning country's flag
N/A International Soul Wars Tournament 26 September 2010 26 September 2010
N/A Castle Wars Kill Streak Competition 12 June 2010 13 June 2010 1 year of Membership subscription, exclusive signed and framed Castle Wars concept art
N/A Clanentine's 14 February 2011 February 2011 Unknown
N/A Bastille Day Challenge 16 July 2011 17 July 2011
N/A Awesome-RuneFest 2011-Item-Headgear-Concept-Competition 22 July 2011 21 August 2011 Two tickets to RuneFest 2011, submission becomes an in-game item
N/A Christmas Card Design Competition 3 December 2009 18 December 2009 Varying months of membership subscription, signed Jagex goodies, inclusion in the Players' Gallery, inclusion in an update post
N/A Halloween Comic Competition 11 October 2010 22 October 2010[1] Six months of membership subscription, submission professionally rendered, shown on the website, signed by Mod Laura W, framed, and sent to the player
N/A Clan Logo Design Competition 20 December 2010 30 January 2011 Clan logo profesionally rendered, signed, framed, sent to you, and placed in-game; Jagex goodies
Monkey screen.jpg Gods Exposed Competition 24 November 2010 18 - 19 December 2010 One year of membership subscription, inclusion in video, Jagex goodies
N/A Bob the Cat Competition 14 December 2011 3 January 2012 £30 credit from the Jagex Store
N/A 5v5 Tournament 22 July 2011 27 August 2011 All-expenses-paid trip to RuneFest 2011, chance to play against the Jagex Clan Wars Pro Team live at RuneFest, varying amounts of Loyalty points
N/A 100,000 YouTube Suscribers Competition 4 November 2011 November 2011 Inclusion in a video, a prize from Mod Nexus
N/A Free Trade Competition 4 February 2011 7 February 2011 An “I brought back the Wilderness” t-shirt signed by the entire RuneScape Team
N/A Dutch Summer Events 2010 8 August 2010 14 August 2010 Varying months of membership subscription
Mods MarkG and Zach Caption competetition.jpg Christmas Caption Competition 15 December 2011 3 January 2012 £30 of Jagex Store credit
N/A Festive Photo Competition 15 December 2011 3 January 2012 £30 of Jagex Store credit
Grand Library of Menaphos concept art.jpg For The Librarian Competition 31 March 2017 17 April 2017 Inclusion of submission as an in-game text
N/A Come to the GameBlast Competition 18 February 2016 24 February 2016 Transport and invite to Jagex HQ for GameBlast 2016 for you and a friend
N/A Easter Competition 21 March 2016 4 April 2016 RuneScape goody bag
N/A Telos Competition 27 June 2016 10 July 2016 6 months of membership subscription, and a signed t-shirt and signed concept art from The Watch development team
Shadow Drake concept art news image.jpg Name My Drake Competition 20 April 2015 24 April 2015 Submission becomes default name of the Shadow Drake, one Shadow Drake pet, two Growth Surges
NameMyGorilla Competition forum post header.jpg NameMyGorilla Competition 12 January 2017 19 January 2017 Submission becomes an available name for all pets, one free Shadow gorilla, runecoins for two Growth Surges
N/A Phishing Awareness Competition 13 February 2017 21 February 2017 3 months of membership subscription, either a RuneScape or Old School RuneScape bond
N/A Combat Pets Competition 18 April 2017 9 May 2017 Submission becomes an in-game combat pet
N/A Abbey Road Studios Competition 10 November 2017 22 November 2017 Three night top hotel in London, transportation for you and a friend to Abbey Road Studios for a special recording session
N/A Winter Sweepstakes (2016) 24 November 2016 24 December 2016 Razer Blade Stealth 4K 512GB Laptop, a life-sized Brassica Prime godsword, and a Cooler Master Storm Devastator keyboard and mouse
N/A Winter Sweepstakes (2017) 22 November 2017 December 2017 or Early 2018 Razer Blade Pro laptop
N/A Winter Sweepstakes (2018) 13 November 2018 28 February 2019 6 months of membership subscription and either a Chillblast Gaming PC or a Razer Phone 2
N/A Solomon's General Store Design Competition (2018) 5 June 2018 29 June 2018 Inclusion of your concept in Solomon's General Store, free version of the winning entry
N/A Quality Assurance Bug Reports Competition 22 November 2017 15 January 2018 Either Signed RuneScape concept art from the RuneScape and OldSchool QA Teams, 7 days of membership subscription with 200 RuneCoins, an orange Jagex pen, an "I AM DEADMAN" t-shirt, a RuneFest Dragon mug, or a copy of The Arc Original Soundtrack
N/A RuneScape 10th Anniversary Prize Draw 1 January 2011 31 December 2011 $1,000
N/A RuneScape 18th Birthday Competition 4 January 2019 31 January 2019 All-expenses-paid trip to Jagex HQ, fine print map of Gielinor, copy of RuneScape - Original Soundtrack Classics and RuneScape - The Orchestral Collection, signed Jagex goodies, Hans figurine
N/A Newsletter Giveaway 2019 8 July 2019 13 January 2020 Official merchandise with a value between £8 and £50
RuneScape The Orchestral Collection news image.jpg Anachronia Explorers Competition 8 July 2019 1 August 2019 One signed vinyl copy of RuneScape - The Orchestral Collection
N/A Player Gallery Competition (Anachronia) 8 July 2019 28 July 2019 One month of membership subscription, vinyl copy of RuneScape - Original Soundtrack Classics, map of Gielinor deskmat, one bond, RuneScape goodies
N/A Forum Consequences Competition 4 July 2019 26 July 2019 3 bonds, 3 Umbral chests, and 3 sets of 400 RuneCoins
N/A RuneFest 2011 Tickets Competition 1 August 2011 5 September 2011 All-expenses-paid trip and VIP tickets for two to RuneFest 2011
N/A Design a Pet Competition 8 April 2014 21 April 2014 Inclusion of submission as content
N/A Design an Outfit Competition 14 October 2013 8 November 2013 Inclusion of submission as content
N/A Design an Emote Competition 27 January 2014 12 February 2014 Inclusion of submission as in-game content
Drakan-propaganda (1) update image.jpg Vampropaganda Competition 14 September 2015 20 September 2015 Signed vampyre concept art, a RuneScape t-shirt of their choice from the Jagex Store, and 5 bonds
Name Our Beach Boss.png Name Our Beach Boss 3 June 2015 7 June 2015[2] Signed Tuska concept art
N/A Community Road Trip 5 May 2015 31 May 2015 Cooler Master peripherals, bonds, choice of item from Jagex Store
N/A RuneScape Documentary Premiere Competition 5 January 2016 January 2016 Tickets for two the the premiere of RuneScape - 15 Years of Adventure, a one night stay for two at a London hotel, poster submission becomes the official artwork of the documentary.
RuneScape Evolution T-Shirt Competition image.gif RuneScape Evolution T-Shirt Competition 3 July 2015 13 July 2015 RuneScape Evolution t-shirt from the Jagex Store and signed concept art
The New Skill Archaeology is here! (3) update image.jpg Player Gallery x Razer Competition 30 March 2020 26 April 2020 1 Razer Kraken Ultimate Headset, 6 months of membership, bonds

Other events[edit | edit source]

Jagex Moderator Event[edit | edit source]

Main article: Jagex Moderator Event
J-Mod lodestone icon.png

Jagex Moderator Events are a type of regular, usually weekly, events ran by Jagex Moderators. They are community events that have no impact on the main game, and are held usually for around an hour. The events are started by a JMod placing down a lodestone in a specific world, allowing anyone in that world to teleport there using the Lodestone Network.

Double XP Weekend[edit | edit source]

Main article: Double XP Weekend
Bonus XP Weekend 2017 interface.png

Double XP Weekends allow players to gain double experience from actions in RuneScape for a period of 72 hours. They are ran across a weekend, and usually happen at least once a year. The most recent Double XP Weekend was in May 2017.

References[edit | edit source]

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