Comparison of high-level ranged gloves

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The following table provides a comparison of high-level ranged gloves and other hand slot items used for combat purposes.

Summary[edit | edit source]

  1. If the target can be poisoned, use cinderbane gloves with weapon poison+++.
  2. If the target cannot be poisoned, consider the encounter:
    1. If constant movement is required (for example Barrows: Rise of the Six or Nex) use nightmare gauntlets or their enhanced variant.
    2. If taking plenty of damage use Deathtouch bracelet. In group encounters, often the tank is the only one taking a lot of damage. Note that these have a relatively high cost of use compared to nightmare gauntlets or cinderbane gloves.
    3. If the target's defence can be drained or Storm Shards are used due time-restricted phases (like Araxxor), use swift gloves.
    4. If none of the above 3 conditions apply, all these gloves will perform roughly equally. Enhanced nightmare gauntlets have the lowest upkeep.
  3. If the gloves from 2. are not owned or their cost is too high, use the gloves with the highest style bonus already owned.