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An example of a Local Moderator message in RuneScape

Community Partners (formerly called Local Moderators), are Jagex partners/employees.[1] When they speak in-game they have a purple crown (Local moderator crown.png) next to their name, and on the forums they have a purple glow around their posts, as well as a purple avatar background. They help out new players, setup events, and communicate with the player base in-game and on the official RuneScape Forums. Like Jagex Moderators have Mod in their nicknames, Community Partners can be identified by the prefix CM, although this is something everyone can do, unlike using Mod on the nickname.

The Local Moderator program was discontinued in 2015[2], but was brought back in February 2018 with a new name and purpose.

Becoming a Community Partner requires one to be a part of the Community Management Team working for one of Jagex's official international partners.

Formerly, the partners were Gamerica/UOL for Brazilian Portuguese version of the game. During the operation of the Latin American Spanish version of the game, Axeso5 was a partner with Local Moderators.

Community Partner status has also been given to accounts used by representatives of various entities, such as AbleGamers charity.

Community Partners also unlock the title Community Partner [Name].

Community Partners abilities/responsibilities[edit | edit source]

  • Community Partners can contact Jagex Mods directly as well as being able to mute players.
  • Community Partners have tools which aid in organising and running in-game events.
  • Community Partners review Forum Moderators' actions flagged by forum users in the Forum Moderation Review thread.[3]

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