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Community Management Team, also known as CM, is a team of Jagex employees dedicated to customer support and communication. They ensure that any feedback given by the community is passed along to the relevant people within the company.

Role[edit | edit source]

The role of community management at Jagex is to represent the company to the players of their games, including RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. They do this by communicating on various social media websites, such as Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. They will also often post news on the RuneScape website and forums regarding the latest changes and updates, as well as conducting polls and player events.

Members[edit | edit source]

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Current[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Nationality Role Employed
Mod Poerkie.png Mod Poerkie N/A Community Manager February 2018
N/A Mod Kalaya N/A Junior Product Manager August 2014
Mod JD.jpg Mod JD N/A Social Media and Streaming Manager March 2014
Mod Cam.jpg Mod Cam N/A Community Manager 2018
Mod Acorn.png Mod Acorn N/A Senior Community Manager
Mod Rads.png Mod Rads N/A Campaign Executive
Mod Kari.png Mod Kari N/A Community Manager January 2020[1]
Mod Hooli.jpg Mod Hooli British Lead Community Manager June 2020

Former[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Nationality Role Employed Left
Mod Mark H.jpg Mod Mark H N/A Community Management Representative September 2005 May 2011
N/A Mod Silent Scottish Video maker 2013 2014
Mod Gambit.jpg Mod Gambit British Community Manager 6 August 2018 28 February 2020[2]
Mod Shauny.jpg Mod Shauny British/Welsh Community Manager 2014 29 October 2019
N/A Mod Jane N/A Head of Community Management April 2013 May 2015
N/A Mod Neena N/A Marketing Campaign Executive August 2017
N/A Mod Sushi Pi N/A Community Manager September 2013
N/A Mod Sky N/A Community Manager June 2015 September 2016
Mod Balance.jpg Mod Balance British Head of Community Management 2013 April 2018
N/A Mod Crow British Community Manager 2007 2014
Mod Meadows.jpg Mod Meadows British Community Manager 18 April 2017[3] September 2019
Mod Lee.png Mod Lee N/A Community Manager 2013 31 August 2019[4]
N/A Mod Phoenix N/A Community Manager 2013 2014
N/A Mod Poppy N/A Community Manager 2006 2012
N/A Mod Luiz N/A Community Manager 2009[5] 2017
Mod Ayiza.png Mod Ayiza N/A Community Manager 13 September 2017 14 December 2018
Mod Merchant.png Mod Merchant N/A Community Manager  
N/A Mod Drebin N/A May 2006[6] c. August 2014[7]
N/A Mod Mike British Community Manager 2012 2013

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In 2018, the Jagex's Community Management Team won the MCV Award for Best Community Management.[8]

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