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This article is about the Gielinor Games scenery. For the Gower Quest scenery, see Commentator booth (Gower Quest).
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Commentator booth was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.

A commentator booth could be found when participating in the Gielinor Games events. Six different NPCs would give occasional commentary during different points of each event. In addition, a small dialogue occurs when entering or finishing a game.

The Commentators[edit | edit source]

Mr Mordaut[edit | edit source]

Mr Mordaut chathead.png

Mr Mordaut is the old and wise draconic school teacher who is only encountered during the Surprise Exam random event. He seems to be an opposer of the cheese rolling, claiming it is too stupid for the advanced races. However, the circular cheeses are a whole new invention to the trolls. He appears to be the only one taking the commentating seriously, although he also makes the occasional random joke. He also appears to be trying to have serious conversations with the zombie, although that of course fails.

Thok[edit | edit source]

Thok of Daemonheim chathead.png

Thok is the master of Dungeoneering, brother of Marmaros and Bryll. He normally stands at Daemonheim selling the two Dungeoneering skillcapes, but now he has come to the Games to commentate. Or rather, compare athletes to himself and make funny but slightly dumb comments.

Tentacle[edit | edit source]

Tentacle chathead.png

Tentacle is the leader of five mermaids, two of which (Manta and Remora) are incinerated by the Queen Black Dragon, with Urchin and Anemone still being alive. Those three are encountered during Deadliest Catch in which they consider feeding the player to Thassalus. Tentacle is usually seen having conversations with the troll, constantly being surprised of his stupitidy.

Raptor[edit | edit source]

The Raptor chathead.png

Raptor, the mysterious warrior thinks that races are a waste of time, but he appreciates the type of races that Thok and his brother compete in which involves killing monsters. Also, he seems to opposed to the cheese rolling, for an unknown reason. Thok speculates that is because cheese gives him "bad Raptor nightmares".

Troll[edit | edit source]

Lalli chathead.png

The Troll is a rather slow character who shares many similarities with the Zombie, although he isn't as fussy when it comes to eating humans.

Zombie[edit | edit source]

Zombie swab chathead.png

The Zombie is the least intelligent of the commentators, worse than even the troll. He seems mostly concerned with eating brains.

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