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Combination runes is a book found in the basement of the Mage Training Arena as part of the Rune Mechanics quest. It teaches players how to craft combination runes from pairs of elemental runes.

The book can be found in the bookcase of a player-owned house.

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Combination runes are a highly advanced form of Runecrafting. They allow for the binding of two types of elemental magic into a single piece of essence. While this might not seem essential to the regular mage, combat mages find it vital for saving precious space in their packs.

Making Combination Runes

To make combination runes you'll need runes and a talisman of one elemental type (e.g. earth), some essence, plus a talisman of the secondary element you wish to bind your runes with (e.g. water).

The following are instructions for making mud runes.

You will need the following supplies:
earth runes
earth talisman
water talisman or tiara

Enter the Water Altar using your water talisman or tiara, then simply use your earth runes on the altar. Your earth runes, earth talisman and essence will disappear and you will have crafted some mud runes.

You WILL lose your earth talisman in the process.

There is a 50% chance of success when you try to craft combination runes, unless you happen to be wearing a binding necklace, in which case you will have a 100% success rate. The binding necklace can only be used fifteen times before it disintegrates. Note that you could also craft mud runes by binding water runes at the Earth Altar.

Combination Rune Types

Dust (earth and air)
Lava (fire and earth)
Mist (water and air)
Mud (earth and water)
Smoke (fire and air)

Steam (fire and water)

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