Combat Council

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The Combat Council is a team of Jagex Moderators including QA Analysts, Content Developers, Designers and Programmers at Jagex.

Role[edit | edit source]

The role of the Combat Council at Jagex is to develop all sort of content related to combat, such as Bosses, Abilities, things like the Revolution combat mode and all types of combat mechanics.

Members[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Main Team Role
Mod Daze Content Development Team Lead Content Developer
Mod Pi.png Mod Pi Engine Development Team Senior Gameplay Programmer
Mod Orion.jpg Mod Orion Content Development Team Content Developer
Mod Ramen.jpg Mod Ramen Content Development Team Senior Content Developer
Mod Hunter.png Mod Hunter Content Development Team Senior Technical Developer
Mod Timbo.png Mod Timbo Content Development Team Principal Designer
Mod Shogun.png Mod Shogun Content Development Team Content Developer
Mod Dorn.jpg Mod Dorn Localisation Team Localisation Specialist (German)
Mod Cel.jpg Mod Cel Quality Assurance Team Senior QA Analyst
Mod Sponge Content Development Team Junior Content Developer
Mod Camel.jpg Mod Camel Quality Assurance Team QA Analyst