Closure's robes

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Closure's robes is a cosmetic post-quest reward from the Once Upon a Time in Gielinor miniquest series. After completion of the miniquest, the player gains access to the door at the back of Closure's study, leading to his living quarters. An opened drawer can be found inside, which can be searched to gain a mysterious clue scroll. Head to Draynor Village and talk to Relomia, Emissary of Sliske. She will provide the next clue scroll. Dig beside her to find the reward casket. Opening it will reward the Ghostly undergarment item, which can be interacted with to unlock the Closure's robes cosmetics override.

It consists of the following:

  • Closure's robe top
  • Closure's robe bottoms
  • Closure's hood
  • Closure's gloves
  • Closure's boots

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