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Clivet is a member of the Cult of Hazeel, a group dedicated to the revival of the Zamorakian mahjarrat Hazeel.

Several months ago, the cult stole a set of armour from Ceril Carnillean then broke in four more times in search of the scroll required to revive Hazeel, but failed each time.[1][2] Ceril commissioned an adventurer to retrieve the armour, pointing them to the cult's lair in the sewers.

They met Clivet down there, who explained that the Carnellian family were thieves, and offered them a choice of joining the cult. If they refused, Clivet fled into the sewers and had to be chased down, but if they accepted, he instructed them to prove their loyalty by poisoning one of the Carnellians. However, the poisoned food was instead served to the dog, but Clivet accepted it as a sign of loyalty anyway. He gave them a mark of Hazeel and instructed them to use it to find the hideout by manipulating the sewer valves above ground. He recommended to the cult leader Alomone that the adventurer be allowed to join the cult, who accepted the recommendation and welcomed the adventurer.

He can replace the Hazeel's mark if lost.

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References[edit | edit source]

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