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Clenched is an achievement that requires the player to defeat The Ambassador inside The Shadow Reef without destroying any sinister fragments.

This achievement can only be completed in normal mode.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

It is strongly recommended to attempt this achievement in a group because of the length of the fight for solo players. The attack is forced at 650,000 health if the Ambassador has not used this attack once. Prior to the spawning of the fragments, target the Ambassador with Soul Split; though he does not take any damage, Soul Split will still heal as normal. Damaging the fragments is optional (as the achievement states that they must not be destroyed, not damaged), it is ill-advised as weapon poison may accidentally destroy them.

As all six fragments must remain intact, this means players will receive six shockwave attacks. It is strongly recommended to gain 100% adrenaline during the spawn of the fragments as well as full health. To survive the barrage of explosions the Ambassador unleashes, use the following rotation:

  • After the Ambassador absorbs the fragments: Cast Enfeeble to weaken the damage of each explosion by 10%.
  • First explosion: Equip a shield and use Resonance after the Ambassador's auto-attack attack registers on the player. If players are concerned with this attack sniping Resonance, use Devotion and pray accordingly before using Resonance.
  • Second and third explosions: Debilitate with a tier 90 shield prior to the second explosion. Reflect may be used to decrease the damage by 75%, though the explosion will deal roughly 3,900-4,200 damage otherwise depending on the aura being used. If only one of the abilities is used to deal with an explosion, then players can tank the second, third and fourth explosions with these two abilities at the cost of eating more food.
  • Fourth and fifth explosions: Use Barricade. The Turtling perk can extend Barricade's duration. If the fourth explosion was tanked with Debilitate/Reflect, then Barricade can tank the final two explosions.
  • Sixth fragment: Depending on adrenaline and available abilities, it is possible just eat to full health and tank the damage. Shield Dome is also an option depending on spellbook, as is Disruption Shield.

A combination of Barricade and Intercept can also be used between each player in the group. One player uses Barricade and intercepts the other two players for two fragments, then the responsibility rotates to the next two players for the remaining four fragments. However, this can be difficult to coordinate.

If attempting the achievement solo, using a Beast of Burden is essentially mandatory. Before the first beam attack, the Ambassador should be damaged as much as possible with a good Sunshine rotation and Onslaught. Note that the sinister fragments can still be damaged as long as they are not destroyed, so Soul Split should still be used on them for extra healing and adrenaline building. To deal with the shockwaves, the above rotation can still be followed. However, using Sunshine near the tail-end of each beam attack is highly recommended, as without it, it is very difficult to do enough damage between the required defensives to progress the fight. The optimal timing for the Sunshine would give enough time to build up the adrenaline by attacking the Ambassador to cast the above rotation.

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