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Clan meeting tent.png

The clan meeting tent can be found in the Clan Camp south of Falador and in a Clan Citadel. It is used to make several choices in a clan.

When entering the clan meeting tent, there are two options:

  • Start a private meeting.
  • Enter the public tent.

To start a private meeting the player needs to be queued for Rated Clan Wars. A Rated Clan Wars leader can also set who can enter the private meeting selecting on rank.

Within the tent is a voting box and a ledger.

Voting box[edit | edit source]

Voting box.png
Clan vote system.png

The voting box is used to initiate a vote within the members of a clan attending the clan meeting. Voting can be initialised with a minimum rank and time to participate. Members of the clan can then participate in the vote. A poll can only be answered with Yes/No, and there is no option to display what the vote is for.

Voting can only be started by clan members with the relevant permission within the Clan Settings.

Ledger[edit | edit source]


The ledger is used to invite members of the clan to go to the clan meeting tent. Invites to a private clan meeting tent can be sent to clanmates that are currently at the Clan Camp. Invites can be sent to all clan members, members of a specific rank, or a specific member by name.

The ledger can only be operated by clan members with a rank of admin or above.