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Clan Home is the page on the RuneScape Website which displays information about the clans of RuneScape. Each clan registered at the clan camp has their own page in clan home.

Along the top of all tabs in a clan's home, a banner is displayed showing:

  • The clan's name
  • The clan's motto
  • The number of clan members in the clan
  • The average total level of all clanmates
  • The kills/deaths ratio of the clan
  • The total amount of experience gained by the clanmates since joining the clan
  • The clan's symbols and colours

Home Tab[edit | edit source]

Clan homepage

This tab shows the basic information about the clan. This information includes:

  • An introductory message of up to 1000 characters, set by clan members ranked admin or above.
  • The basic clan information (number of members, average total level, kill/death ratio and total xp gained by all members) which is also shown along the top of all pages in clan home.
  • An overview of clan mates. To any non-clan member, this will show the top 5 clanmates as ordered in the clanmates tab. To clan members it will show any clanmates that are online first (as ordered in the clanmates tab) followed by the clanmates that are offline.
  • The clan's upcoming events, set by admins at the clan noticeboard.
  • The clan's forum topics. For non-clan members, this is the only way to visit public threads. For clan members, this will show the last 5 threads that were posted in.

Stats Tab[edit | edit source]

Clan level statistics page

This tab shows the total skill levels of all the clan members. Total skill levels, experience levels and averaged statistics of all skills and their combined totals are displayed in this tab. For each skill, the clan's total levels, total experience, averaged levels and the number of clan mates who are "maxed out" in that skill are shown. This data can also be compared to other clans by entering that clan's name in the box provided.

Clanmates[edit | edit source]

List of members of a clan

This tab shows a list of all the members of the clan. Clan mates can be ordered by their rank in the clan, their total XP or their number of kills. Clan mates are shown as their forum avatar and current display name.

Clan members (if they are logged in) can see every clan member that is currently online and which world they are in. Guests can only see the online status of any clan members which have their private chat set to on.

Note that if the player is logged into the lobby nothing is shown.

Forum Tab[edit | edit source]

Main article: Clan Forums
Home page for clan forums

Each clan has a forum on their clan home page, here clan members can make threads and discuss. Administrators can change settings regarding who can post, sticky or delete threads.

This tab is only visible to clan members. If a user who is not logged in or a user who is not part of a clan is viewing a clan's home page, nothing will appear. If a player who is part of a different clan is viewing the clan's home page, a link to the player's own clan home page appears here.

These players can still view any threads that have been marked 'public' by clicking the link to these threads on the clan's home page.