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The main page of a clan forum.

Each clan registered at the clan camp has a forum on their clan home page. These forums can be restricted as to who can post, who can view, who can sticky threads and who can delete threads in the forum. When one posts a message, their avatar, username and clan rank is shown to the side. Any threads that have been inactive for 14 days will be automatically deleted (excluding threads that have been made public or stickied threads).

Clan Forum Settings[edit | edit source]

The clan forum settings can be accessed from the home page of the clan forums.

The clan forum settings. Players can change these to restrict who can do what on their private forums

Can access this page - Shows which users can access and change the clan forum settings. If a rank can access these settings, they can only change the settings which are currently set to a level lower than their own.

Can create threads - Shows which users can create new threads in the clan forum.

Can delete threads - Shows which ranks can remove threads entirely from the forum. This also includes threads started by ranks higher than those that are performing the deleting, so owners should be careful when giving out this ability.

Can stick/unstick threads - Shows which ranks can stick and unstick threads in the clan forums. These threads will always be at the top of the forum.

Note: although it is not a setting, admin+ will always be able to set a thread to be either publicly or privately visible.

Creating Threads and Posting[edit | edit source]

The window shown when creating a thread

To create a thread, players with the appropriate permissions need to click 'Create Thread' on the clan forum home page. This will bring up a page where players can input the thread title (up to 50 characters) and the opening message. Players who are ranked Admin or above can also set the thread to be either publically visible or only visible to clan members. Any threads created by a player who is not ranked admin or above will automatically be marked private.

Posting Replies[edit | edit source]

Posting replies on threads can be done by any clan member. It is not possible to restrict which clan members can do this.

Quick reply box in the clan forums

Players can use the quick reply function (as shown on left) to reply to a thread. This is a box which is displayed underneath the last post on the thread where users can type in their message without needing to open a new window to see what was said previously (like they have to do in the main forums).

Formatting options[edit | edit source]

In the clan forums, users have various formatting options. These include:

  • Bolding writing
  • Italicising writing
  • Underlining writing
  • Quoting other users, using the "[quote][/quote]" tags
  • Adding links:
    • To the main forums, by putting the quick find code between "[qfc][/qfc]" tags.
    • To the hiscores, by putting the targeted player's name between the "[hiscore][/hiscore]" tags
    • To the knowledge base, by putting the name of the guide between the "[guide][/guide]" tags
    • To the adventurer's log, by putting the name of the targeted player between the "[adventurer][/adventurer]" tags
    • To another clan's homepage, by putting the clan's name between the "[clan][/clan]" tags
    • To another clan's hiscores, by putting the clan's name between the "[clanscores][/clanscores]" tags
  • Adding smilies to the writing

Restrictions[edit | edit source]

The clan forums have a few restrictions, similar to the main forums:

  • There is a limit to 5 stickied threads.
  • Although there is no limit to the number of threads that can be made public, only the ones with the five most recent posts will be shown to guests of the clan (from the display in the clan home page). However, it is still possible for guests to view public threads that are not displayed by typing their ID directly into the URL bar (ie[threadID])
  • Threads are limited to 200 posts (or 20 pages)Icon displayed when a clan thread is full.
    Message that is displayed when the clan forum is full
  • Threads which are not public or stickied that have not received any responses (or had any posts edited) in 14 days will be deleted.
  • There is a limit of 50 threads per clan. When this limit is reached, an error message is displayed whenever someone attempts to make a thread.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The counter which displays the number of threads in a clan's forum does not show until the clan's forum has at least 45 threads. It is unknown whether this is a glitch or not.

Gallery[edit | edit source]