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A clan is a syndicate of organised players who work together to achieve one or more goals as a group, which cannot otherwise be achieved (or as easily) by a single player. These goals vary from clan to clan, ranging from clan warring and skilling to creating a simple and enjoyable community or working together to make money. The number of players needed to create a clan is five, but it can consist of many more members. There are well over one hundred thousand clans in RuneScape - for every possible group activity, it is likely there will be a clan who specialises in it.

History[edit | edit source]

Clans have been involved in RuneScape since its creation. One of the first clans to appear in RuneScape was The Sabres,[1] who were previously based upon the Jagex game Cyber Wars.

Over the years thousands of other clans joined the game and began to compete against one another. Even at this stage, there were many different types of clans, many of which did not solely participate in Player vs Player (PvP) activities. Aside from Team Capes, Jagex offered very little clan support, so clans utilised third-party availabilities such as off-site websites and forums, memberlists, chat programs and Voice Communication software. Many of these elements are still present today.

Jagex support for clans truly began in 2007 starting with the implementation of the Clan Chat feature. Their continued support has been consistent over the years with elements such as the Clan Camp, Clan Citadels and the Jagex Cup. The clan world to this day is still one of the most prominent elements of the game. 2011 was the official Year of Clans for RuneScape.[2]

Categorisation[edit | edit source]

There are many different ways to categorise clans. In previous times, clans could easily be split into two different groups: RSB or RSOF clans (RuneScape boards or RuneScape Official Forums) and traditional clans (or fansite clans). RSB clans were known to use only the features provided by Jagex, while traditional clans would make use of other third-party features, in particular, RuneScape fansites. However, in recent years, the distinctions between these two groups has blurred substantially due to the age of the clan world as well as the amount of support from Jagex themselves. One way to categorise clans is by their aims and focuses.

PvP and warring clans[edit | edit source]

PvP clans, which include warring clans, specialise in the player-versus-player element of the game. The focus of many PvP clans is inside the Wilderness, but this does not exclude other forms of PvP such as the Clan Wars arena. Clans which advocate other "safe" PvP elements such as TzHaar Fight Pits and Castle Wars are not generally considered PvP clans and are usually categorised by that particular minigame.

One of the oldest events in the clan world is the PKing trip, where a clan will enter the Wilderness with the intention of killing other players - either for profit or enjoyment.

Two or more clans can fight against each other in battles, known as a clan war. Clan wars are usually fought to define superior strength - however, there are many variations to these battles. For example, usually clans will use their best gear, but in some circumstances have gear caps which limit the use of some items or gear to a certain value. Not all wars are "serious" - many clans host fun wars which can include dressing up in less-valuable armour such as steel (metal war) or other themed uniforms for pure enjoyment.

There are two main types of clan war: a Knock-Out (or Full-Out), in which one clan claims victory by defeating all members of the opposing clan. The other is a PK Run-In (or PKRI), where members are allowed to return upon death. There are two kinds of PKRI:

  • "Capped" - the victor is decided by kill count or numbers. If it is a time cap, the clan with either the most kills or players remaining at the end of the designated time is victorious. If it is a kill cap, the first clan to reach a certain number of kills is victorious.
  • "Uncapped" - the victor is the last clan remaining on the battlefield - the opposing clan must be "cleared" (unable to fight due to lack of members) or have "ended" (their members have ceased to return).

Clan wars may take place either in the Wilderness (for tradition and/or other elements such as risks) or in the Clan Wars Arena (for events such as the Jagex Cup and/or safety to prevent elements such as "crashing" (the interference by another non-participating clan)).

Many different sub-types of PvP clans exist, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Main and pure clans - a pure is an account with deliberate high offensive stats and low defensive stats - e.g. level 1 Defence and level 99 Strength. Although these clans have mostly been disbanded since the Evolution of Combat update, as it reduced the effectiveness of pure accounts.
  • F2P and P2P clans - if the clan's events are in either free-to-play worlds or members worlds.
  • Single and multi clans - depending on whether the clan fights in single-combat zones or multi-combat zones.
  • Clan Wars and Wilderness clans - if the clan fights primarily in the Clan Wars arena or the Wilderness.

PvM clans[edit | edit source]

A PvM (player-versus-monster) clan specialises in killing monsters as a group, in particular bosses (known as boss-hunting). PvM clans are the second-most popular type of clan in the game[source needed], and specialise in a variety of bosses ranging from low level bosses such as the King Black Dragon and Kalphite Queen to endgame bosses such as Yakamaru, Solak and Nex: Angel of Death. The main purpose for boss-hunting, aside from the enjoyment, is for the drops - it is one of the most profitable activities in the game. However, many professional PvM clans have high entry requirements, such as access to tier 90 or 92 equipment, or the ability to use Overloads and Turmoil.

PvM wars between clans are held to determine strength. An example of a PvM war is when two clans gather their numbers and take on a boss at the same time, using the LootShare features to determine which clan gets the boss's kill at the end of the fight. The clan who reaches a certain number of kills first is declared the victor.

Skilling clans[edit | edit source]

The third most prominent type of clan is the skilling clan - a group of players who train non-combat skills together. These skills include Fishing, Cooking, Mining, Smithing, Runecrafting, Crafting, Woodcutting, Firemaking and Dungeoneering for F2P. P2P also has skills including Fletching, Herblore, Agility, Thieving, Farming, and Construction. Most skilling clans avoid combat entirely - some as far even as to disallow entry to members who have trained their combat skills at all. Skilling clans can focus on either a range of skills, or one particular skill (with high-level requirements for entry).

A skill war between two or more clans is a race in gaining skilling experience. The clans agree on a set time limit, and at the end of the cap, the total experience gained by all members of each clan is added up. The clan with the most experience gained overall is declared the winner.

Minigame clans[edit | edit source]

The fourth most influential clans in the game are minigame clans[source needed]. These clans are groups of people who team up together in minigames or fight each other in minigames like Soul Wars, Clan Wars, and so on.

Other clans and teams[edit | edit source]

There are many other types of clans, which include, but are not limited to:

A team is an organised syndicate which is not strictly a clan, but serves as an aid to provide other clanning elements which an individual's main clan does not or cannot provide themselves. For example, a person who likes fighting in both the Wilderness and Clan Wars joins a clan, but the clan only does Wilderness fights, and will not allow their members to be in multiple clans at once (known as multiclanning).

There are both official teams and unofficial teams. An official team will be much more organised (for example in terms of an application process and the use of third party software such as voice communications), and much more similar to a clan in many ways. There is a lot of controversy around teams, and many clans have rules set in place for such situations to ensure conflict does not arise, e.g. if the clan and team both have events at the same time.

An unofficial team can be something as simple as a friends chat which anyone can join. A popular example of this is a Wilderness Team - any player can join their chat at any time, and involve themselves in the team's activities almost instantly. These teams are usually less organised and may sometimes prove weaker, but are a good option to players who wish to get involved in an activity at almost any time when their clan is unavailable, without spending the time joining an official team (e.g. through an application process).

Jagex support[edit | edit source]

For the first years of RuneScape, Jagex offered minimal to no in-game support for any clan-related activities. Players could group together on the forums or on fansites, but there was no official way to control clan affairs in the Wilderness or any other area of the game.

Team capes[edit | edit source]

The first update directly beneficial to clans was the introduction of team capes. These help to prevent players from accidentally attacking clanmates, and make it easier to identify them inside and outside the Wilderness. In addition to this, the in-game minimap was updated to show all players with the same cape as purple dots, thus making it easier to tell caped members apart from non-caped members who still appear as white dots.

Clan forums[edit | edit source]

The official RuneScape forums offer a clans section with several clan-related boards for players' use. These include:

  • Jagex Clan Cup
  • Clan Introduction
  • Recruitment – Looking for a clan
  • Recruitment – Under 100 Combat
  • Recruitment – 100 Combat and over
  • Recruitment – Skilling Clans
  • Recruitment – Social & Community Clans
  • Recruitment – Specialist, Questing & Minigames
  • Clan Home
  • Clan Central
  • Clan Warring
  • Clans Feedback

There is also a private forum specifically for clan leaders, which is hidden from view for everyone else. Each clan can have up to two representatives per clan (representatives are not required to be clan leader), who can join if the clan meets the requirement to gain access to Clan Leaders Forums. An application form is provided in the Clan Central board.

Clan Chat[edit | edit source]

In 2007, Jagex began supporting clans more with the addition of the Clan Chat feature on 6 August 2007[3] - this version of the clan chat is now the Friends Chat. It allowed all members of a group to mass-communicate privately and efficiently.

Prior to the Clan Chat, the only other in-game method of communicating with clans was through private chat. On many pre-2007 clan events, it was common for all the members of a clan to add each other in order to speak to each other without the use of third-party software.

Clan Chat is essential to LootShare and Clan Wars. There is a member cap of 500 for the clan chat.

Clan Wars[edit | edit source]

On 10 December 2007, the Clan Wars arena was added to the game, though removing the original Wilderness PvP system and implicating Bounty Hunter, which caused major controversy. However, the Clan Wars arena proved an overall success, and is still in thriving use by all types of PvP clans today. Also known as CWA, the arena offers a safer option for hosting wars, to ensure rules such as gear and boundaries cannot be broken, as well as preventing interference from other persons not involved in either clan.

Jagex Cup[edit | edit source]

In 2009, the first Jagex Cup for clans was held and has been held every year since. The event is organised on the RuneScape forums and involves a number of clans being able to compete against each other. There are three different sections: Combat, Skilling and Combined. The Combat Competition is held in Clan Wars, the Combined in Stealing Creation and the Skilling based on XP gained between the competing clans. Sub-divisions for combat were added from 2010 onwards.

Winners of the individual cups are named on various plaques located around RuneScape. The victors for the Jagex Cups are:

Year Combat Combined Skilling
2009 The Titans Wicked Fury Divination
2010 RuneScape Dinasty (Main)
  • Future of Old Style (20v20)
  • Reign of Terror (Pay-to-Play)
  • Titans Revolution (Community)
  • RuneScape Dinasty (Over 115 Combat)
  • Mayhem Makers (Pure)
Basedin2Minutes Divination
2011 RuneScape Dinasty (Main)
  • Titans Revolution (Under 90 Combat)
  • Natural Born Killers (91-114 Combat)
  • RuneScape Dinasty (Over 115 Combat)
  • Titans Revolution (Community)
  • Cheer Up (20v20 F2P)
  • Wicked Fury (20v20 P2P)
Family Unity Network Divination
2012 Violent Resolution (Main) Basedin2minutes Skill Shock
2013 Wicked Fury Venimus Venimus
2014 Hola Amigos
2015 Summit
2016 Cheekyscrublordz N/A
2019 Summit (Provisional)[4] Efficiency Experts [5]

Clan Camp[edit | edit source]

The settings available for setting up a clan

On 12 April 2011 Jagex implemented the Clan Camp update, which included several new additions. The Clan Chat was re-designed for official recognition of clans, as well as integrated management features for members, events and so on. Clans were able to create clan web pages on the RuneScape website, complete with Stats and Clanmates pages. Clan members could obtain a customizable Clan cloak and Clan vexillum to display their clan colours. Rated Clan Wars was also introduced.

The Clan Camp itself is located south of Falador, from which players can visit and retrieve the aforementioned items.

As of 16 May 2011, clan owners can speak to the Scribe to change the name of their clan. They can only do this once every 28 days, however.

Clan Citadels[edit | edit source]

A Citadel's entrance portal

On 26 July 2011, the Clan Citadels were added - each clan can receive their own citadel in an instanced shard world (similar to player-owned houses) after making one at clan camp south of Falador. There are seven tiers which the citadel can be upgraded to week by week, which provide further aesthetics and availabilities. Upkeep for the citadel is required, and upgrades are done by clan members by collecting set numbers of resources from the various skilling plots around the citadel area. There are many features available in the Citadel, including the keep and the Battlefield.

Citadels can be accessed via the portal on the west side of the Clan Camp, just south of Falador or through the clan portal in Prifddinas.

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 13 September 2021 (Update):
    • Reporting a player from a Clan will now correctly grey out the name of the reporter.
  • hotfix 1 June 2020 (Update):
    • Resolved an issue that prevented new clans from being created.
    • Resolved an issue which prevented the ‘Invite Players to Clan’ option from working when the potential recruit’s privacy status was not set to ‘Online’ or ‘Friends Only’.
      • The 'Invite' option, which sends an invite to somebody anywhere on your world, still requires the recipient’s privacy status to be set to 'Online’ or 'Friends Only'.
  • hotfix 27 May 2020:
    • Players can once again create a new clan by using the clan charter on other players.[6]
  • patch 10 February 2020 (Update):
    • Friend and clan chat announcements now correctly trigger upon elite task set completion.
    • Fixed an error with clanniversary broadcasts for players that joined clans before early April 2011.
  • patch 13 January 2020 (Update):
    • Adjusted clan member anniversary messaging to better account for calendar months and years as well as adding a new 1 month anniversary message.
  • update 28 October 2019 (Update):
    • The clan members list has been visually increased in size on mobile, this includes the buttons on the pop-out menu to prevent accidental taps.
  • patch 13 May 2019 (Update):.
    • For the oldest clans in the game they'd show a clan creation date of 1st January 1970, we're pretty sure they're not that old so we've fixed this by setting any clans in this state to 12th April 2011 (the day Clan Chat released)
    • When viewing a Clan's info via Guest Clan Chat it will no longer always mention January as their creation month.
    • Fixed a disconnection when trying to display a clan's upcoming events with an invalid event sub type selected.
  • patch 28 January 2019 (Update):
    • Clan Overseers can now set/modify a Clan Login message.
  • update 19 November 2018 (Update):
    • Add Citadel tier to clan log
    • Add a right click option to Clan Log to broadcast the Clan Log stats (Visitors, Fealty, Cappers) that week (admin+ ONLY)
    • Permission restrict who can view the clan ban list to admin+ by default but allow a clan to toggle it so all recruits can see who's banned if they wish
    • Allow recruited members who left a clan chat then left a clan to be joined straight into a clan chat when recruited to a new clan
    • Add an additional warning to Clan Owners trying to leave a clan that they can just demote themselves to remain in the clan
    • Allow owners to demote themselves to Overseer or lower
    • Allow a clan member to click on the "time to rebuild" layer in the Citadel interface to broadcast to the clan how long is left until Clan Citadel resets
    • Push welcome back clan broadcasts to the respective clan chats
    • Push a broadcast out to tell the clan the name of the clan member who's moved the Clan Build Tick
    • Make the Citadel Tier upgrades actually show up as Green on the interface if you've hit the right number of visitors for your respective tier
    • Convert the Clan Noticeboard editing interface into an Overlay, allowing you to create/edit events while in combat/skilling
    • Add an event reminder broadcast to automatically fire when the event has 15 minutes to go
    • Add an event reminder broadcast to automatically fire when the event has 12 hours to go
    • Add an event reminder broadcast to automatically fire when the event has 24 hours to go
    • Add a clear all events button to the clan noticeboard (right click clear event to get to it)
    • Add a bank pin check on a Clan Login message
    • Add a broadcast to tell the clan what the Clan has been renamed to
    • Add a job title "Replacement owner" to allow the clan to see who would assume ownership of the clan if the owner stepped down
    • When right click examining a Clan Avatar, show that clan's information to the player in an interface
    • Allow Clan Avatars to contribute more clan resources every 20 - 30 seconds, for example a Tier 7 Storehouse will now have 15 clan resources added each time whereas previously it was 5
  • patch 19 November 2018 (Update):
    • Fix the clan avatar customise permission tooltip
    • Clan Avatars can now be dismissed on the first attempt via the Pets interface
    • The Clan Noticeboard can now save events more reliably!
  • patch 30 July 2018 (Update):
    • Using a Clan Vex or Clan Cloak on a Clan member will now give you the option to give it to them
    • When leaving a Clan you are now prompted to provide a reason why you left the Clan, ranks with the right permission to see the "has left the clan broadcast" will be able to see the reason provided by the leaving Clan member.
    • You can now decide if admins or higher can now kick members from the Clan (previously it was locked to admin+ by default).
    • You can now set a specific value for Colour on your Clan's Motif by right clicking the colour field in the Motif interface and selecting set colour.
    • You can also get the current value of that colour in case you want to share it by right clicking the colour field in the Motif interface and selecting get colour.
    • A +12:30, +13:00, +13:30 and +14:00 option has been added to the Time zone menu in Clan Settings
    • If you decide to rename your clan you can now check if a clan name is available before taking it
    • When you recruit a clan member the name of the recruiter is added to the join message allowing clans to track who's recruited who
    • A pop up box appears when you're invited to the clan initially (you still need to click the message in the Chat box to accept the invite)
    • If you decide to remain in your clan after pressing the leave button it'll give you a clan specific message.
    • If you decide to continue as an owner after pressing the leave button it'll give you a clan specific message.
    • The Clan Admin Broadcast settings interface will no longer appear behind the Clan Settings Interface.
  • patch 30 April 2018 (Update):
    • Clan Rank icons now appear next to the players name in Clan Settings
    • The Clan Setting interface is now an overlay, as a result you can now kick/assign rankups in your clan without worrying about your interface closing each time you do so.
    • Resolved an issue with clan member entries clipping through the bottom of of clan interface and clan settings interface.
  • ninja 19 December 2016 (Update):
    • Players must now enter their bank pin before leaving their clan, including if their clan has no citadel.
  • ninja 4 April 2016 (Update):
    • The 7 day wait between joining a new clan has been removed.
  • ninja 1 February 2016 (Update):
    • Graphically updated the Clan invite and Clan founder interfaces.
    • Added the clan motto, home world, clan size and relevant page links to the Clan invite interface.
  • ninja 15 June 2015 (Update):
    • Clan keywords and noticeboard drop-down menus have been updated with words such as 'Prifddinas', 'Cabbage Facepunch' and others.
  • patch 19 January 2015 (Update):
    • Clan keywords have been updated with additional options.
    • 'Ironwoman' and 'Ironman' are now available as clan job titles.
    • Players who leave or are removed from their clan are now able to rejoin their old clan immediately. They must still wait 7 days before they can join a different clan.
  • patch 7 April 2014 (Update):
    • A new message has been added to the clan admin message system for when a clan mate is kicked from the clan.
    • A typo with the ban removal message in clan admin messaging has been fixed.
    • Clan avatars will no longer disappear when teleporting from a Player-Owned House.
    • The clan event noticeboard can now have Heist set as an activity.
  • patch 3 March 2014 (Update):
    • The Clan primary resource target now works correctly.
  • patch 3 July 2013 (Update):
    • Players will now be prompted for their bank PIN before trying to leave their clan.
  • patch 24 June 2013 (Update):
    • The Clan kill count now works correctly.
  • patch 22 May 2012 (Update):
    • It is now possible to remove Clan members from the ban list with a filtered name.
  • patch 29 May 2012 (Update):
    • Clan admins and above can now change Citadel and Keep access for General ranks and below.
  • patch 11 April 2012 (Update):
    • More combat requirements have been added to the list of keywords used in Clans.
  • patch 13 March 2012 (Update):
    • It is no longer possible for a clan member to set permissions for another rank that they do not have permission for themselves.
  • patch 31 August 2011 (Update):
    • Shadows have been removed from certain plants and guards in a Clan Citadel.
  • patch 23 August 2011 (Update):
    • Conveyors in a Clan battlefield no longer spin the player when they're climbing an Agility obstacle.
  • patch 17 August 2011 (Update):
    • The Castles in the Sky task will now unlock when players visit a Citadel.
    • The wording on the Citadelementary task has been updated to state that your own Citadel must be entered to complete this task.
    • The head guard in a Clan Citadel will now give out Clan cloaks correctly.
    • The ‘you mine some stone’ message in Citadels is now filtered correctly using the game filter.
  • patch 9 August 2011 (Update):
    • Fewer players need to visit a citadel for the upkeep. The same number of players must visit it while upgrading, however.
    • The Clan camp portal no longer has a black spot on it.
    • The Clan noticeboard now shows the correct time.
    • A tooltip has been added when hovering over the ‘guest’ access setting when outside of a Citadel.
    • The Clan Citadel music tracks have been reordered into numerical order.
    • Citadel guards now have a sound effect when raising their halberds.
    • Any ranked member now has the option to be able to edit Battlefields.
    • Battlefield Prayer settings no longer interferes with PVP reward settings.
    • A tooltip has been added to the Stronghold interfaces layouts.
    • Avalani's Citadel handbooks are now stored in a POH's bookcase.
    • Selecting a flag on the settings interface now returns to the main interface.
    • Clan signpost text is now centred correctly.
    • Teleport options on the Stronghold interface now have tooltips to state where they lead to.
    • The Storehouse resources on the main Citadel interface now has a tooltip when greyed out.
    • Permission tooltips have been updated to give more info about why an option cannot be changed.
    • Feedback is now given to the player when attempting to gain bonus XP from the clan ring inside the Citadel.
    • The clan button on the main interface changes when in the Citadel.
    • The join between a tree's roots and the tree has been softened.
    • The tooltip on the main interface for precious ores now fits correctly on the main interface.
    • Players banned from a clan's chat are now also banned from entering that Citadel.
    • Background sounds have been added for the Battlefield portal and item spawn points.
    • More variation has been added to several aspects of the Battlefield's audio.
    • The breaking root sound now plays correctly when chopping roots.
    • Building icons are now shown on the main Stronghold interface's buttons.
  • patch 28 June 2011 (Update):
    • The clan cape no longer has protruding spikes when resting.
    • The Netherlands clan flag has been corrected.
  • patch 1 June 2011 (Update):
    • The clan cape no longer obscures amulets.
  • patch 25 May 2011 (Update):
    • The clan vexillum no longer reverts to default colours when using minecart travel.
    • A missing row of clan national flags has been added.
  • patch 16 May 2011 (Update):
    • Players can now temporarily ‘switch off’ their Clan Chat channel in-game by clicking a button on the Clan Chat side interface.
    • The Friends Chat and Clan chat interfaces have been graphically updated to match the Friends List interface.
    • It is now possible to change your clan name by speaking to the clan scribe. This may be done once every 28 days, and only by the clan’s owner.
    • The clan vexillum now has a ‘Teleport to Clan Camp’ option.
    • Players can now set members of their clan to be a ‘Recruiter’ using a checkbox near to the Rated Clan Wars leader checkbox.
    • The bank pin system has been installed on clan owners leaving, demoting themselves or promoting deputies.
    • A notification system has been added to clan events that will remind players of upcoming events at 60-, 30-, 15- and 5-minute intervals. ** The notifications for each event can be turned on or off by viewing the event on the Clan Camp noticeboard.
    • A new ‘Last guest clan entered’ feature has been added when trying to join a guest clan, similar to when joining a Friends Chat channel.
    • The clan national flags displayed is now using a current flag pack, and has had several new countries added to the list.
    • It is now possible to rematch a clan previously fought in Rated Clan Wars instantly once, before having to fight four other clans.
    • The time limit in Rated Clan Wars has now been recalculated to allow for shorter battles with fewer players.
    • Players’ banks will now open every time the player is killed in Rated Clan Wars.
    • The Clan Camp noticeboard will now correctly check if an event is in the past, taking the clan time offset into account.
    • "Clan Camp" has been added to the list of locations on the Clan Camp noticeboard.
    • "Any skill" has been added to the skill list on the Clan Camp noticeboard.
    • "Pest Control" has been added to the activities list on the Clan Camp noticeboard.
    • A typo has been fixed on Fist of Guthix on the Clan Camp noticeboard.
    • Added a drop-down the Clan Settings interface to filter clanmates by rank.
    • Reorganised all buttons on the Friends, Friends Chat and Clan Chat interfaces to the bottom. This includes moving the ‘Leave Clan’ button from the Clan Settings interface onto the Clan Chat interface.
    • Chairs in the Clan Camp can now be sat upon!
  • patch 3 May 2011 (Update):
    • Two typos on some clan job titles have been fixed.
  • patch 19 April 2011 (Update):
    • Large clans can now use the clan settings interface correctly.
    • Soul Wars is now included on the list of activities on the clans noticeboard and keywords.
    • The fifth person who accepts a founding invite is now given feedback if it was successful.
    • The clan cloak’s destroy message now states the correct NPC to speak to in order to reclaim the cloak.

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References[edit | edit source]

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