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The claim island flag is an item that allows the player to claim an uncharted isle for themselves. Once a flag is planted on an island, the player can return to the chosen island at any time for the cost of three supplies.

The flag is received as a reward after completing Flag Fall. It can be purchased from Boni's Waiko Reward Shop for free, and can also potentially spawn on an uncharted isle.

The player may only claim one island at a time. If a player finds another island they wish to claim, they must have another flag available to plant on the new island.

It is a good idea to keep one in the bank, so players can retrieve it from the rowboat (bank) if the player ends up on an Uncharted Isle that they would like to claim, but don't have a flag in their inventory.

Facts about "Claim island flag"
All Is members onlytrue +
All Item ID37,778 +
All Release dateJuly 25, 2016 +
All Value1 +
All Weight0.002 +
Is members onlytrue +
Item ID37,778 +
Item JSON{"edible":"no","m
{"edible":"no","members":"yes","stackable":"no","stacksinbank":"yes","death":"always","name":"Claim island flag","bankable":"yes","gemw":false,"equipable":"no","disassembly":"no","release_date":"25 July 2016","id":37778,"release_update_post":"The Arc & Uncharted Isles - Invention XP - Flourishing Fairy Outfit","lendable":"no","destroy":"You will need to purchase another flag from a reward vendor in the Wushanko Isles.","highalch":0,"weight":0.002,"tradeable":"no","examine":"'''Item''': Plant this flag on an uncharted isle to claim the territory as your own.
\n'''Placed:''' You own this island.","noteable":"no"}
#34;,"noteable":"no"} +
Kept on deathalways +
Location restrictionquest +
Release dateJuly 25, 2016 +
Value1 +
Weight0.002 +