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The Civic Office of West Ardougne is a government body centred in the plague-ridden half-capital of Kandarin, West Ardougne. The building features in the first and last quest of the Elf quest series, namely Plague City and Plague's End.

Getting there[edit | edit source]

  • Use a Chipped Ardougne teleport to arrive just south-east of the main doors of this building
  • Use a Spirit tree to teleport to the Khazard Battlefield and run north and enter West Ardougne through the wall
  • Use Ardougne teleport to arrive in the city centre and run west through the city and enter West Ardougne through the wall
  • Teleport to the Ardougne Monastery using the Ardougne cloak 1 or its higher variants and run north-west to enter through the wall

History[edit | edit source]

Since King Tyras of West Ardougne left his kingdom to explore Tirannwn in the west, the Civic Office has taken over many of the city's governing responsibilities. It is run by Bravek, the city warder. His secretary mans the desk on the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US], while Bravek resides in his room on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US], often trying to sleep off his many hangovers. Since the departure of King Tyras from West Ardougne into Tirannwn, the building and its organisation have somewhat fallen from use.

Plagued by the plague[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Plague City.

While visiting East Ardougne, an adventurer hears that the city is supposedly afflicted with the plague. The citizens of Ardougne are told that, to contain the plague, a wall has been built across the city, separating the western half from the eastern half and quarantining West Ardougne, to protect people from the plague. It is illegal to cross this barrier, citizens of East Ardougne are told, in order to avoid the risk of catching and spreading the plague. Mourners—who are really Iorwerth elves from the Prifddinas Death Guard in disguise, masquerading of members of a West Ardougne guard sent by King Lathas—patrol the city, periodically taking residents away who supposedly have caught the plague and quarantining them.

A young woman from East Ardougne named Elena, a healer and a missionary, decided to cross anyway, hoping to discover the source of the plague and possibly to cure it. After she travelled across, however, she went missing. The adventurer was tasked by Elena's parents with finding her in the quarantined city. Elena's father, Edmond, helps the player with entering the restricted access city through a tunnel dug from the family home's backyard garden to the Ardougne sewers; one who travels through the south exit of the Ardougne sewers emerges out of a manhole in front of the Civic Office. During that journey, the adventurer must travel to the Civic Office to speak to Bravek, who at the time is recovering from a terrible hangover and refuses to help without first receiving relief from it, and deliver to him a Hangover cure. After this, Bravek gives permission to enter the supposedly plague-infested house where Elena is held, which was at that time patrolled by the Mourners who forbade anyone to enter. The Mourners are surprised by Bravek's order and discuss what to do about it; while thus distracted, the adventurer sneaks into the building and rescues Elena.

Plague hoax discovered[edit | edit source]

Following this, Elena and the adventurer investigate the plague further, with the player re-entering the city to collect Elena's equipment required for doing so. The tunnel leading from Edmond's backyard garden to a manhole in front of the Civic Office can no longer be used, since the passageway was discovered by the Mourners and partially filled in, so the adventurer discovers another way to travel across the wall and into the city. The adventurer successfully collects the required equipment and, with the help of Elena, and later, also Elena's mentor in Varrock, Guidor, discovers that the plague is fake and a hoax to cover up something else far greater. Although the adventurer is unaware at the time, Bravek is not officially aware of the situation, he actually suspects that the plague is fake, yet is too afraid to speak up or do something about it, as he notices that they who speak up about it appear to be the next who are supposedly afflicted by the plague and taken away by the Mourners. Why exactly, however, Bravek does not know.

After confronting King Lathas about the plague hoax, the adventurer is initially misled to believe that its purpose is to protect the world from King Tyras, whom King Lathas claims is partnered with the Dark Lord. King Lathas sends the adventurer west to the elven lands through the Underground Pass, first to cleanse the Well of Voyage of the presence of Iban and then to kill King Tyras. It is only after doing so, and then encountering rebel elves led by Arianwyn who are fighting against the Iorwerth elves in the Elven Civil War, that the adventurer discovers the truth: that indeed it is Lord Iorwerth and King Lathas who are partnered with the Dark Lord, and that the plague hoax was created by King Lathas and misused by the Iorwerth elves to gain control of the city and to collect human slaves for serving Lord Iorwerth's nefarious plans which King Lathas was willingly helping with. Bravek and the others appear to be unaware of all of this at the time. The adventurer does not immediately alert Bravek to the truth, and is in fact unaware of the degree of knowledge or speculation Bravek has regarding the truth about the Mourners. The adventurer helps the rebel elves with first discovering and then defeating the Iorwerth's plans to summon the Dark Lord using the Temple of Light.

Ending the plague[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during Plague's End.

During the quest to defeat the Iorwerth, restore the elven city of Prifddinas to its former glory, and end the plague tormenting the city of Ardougne, the adventurer visits the City Office to speak to Bravek again, this time to request his help to start a revolution among the people of West Ardougne to overthrow the Mourners. At the City Office, Bravek confesses his speculation of the truth—that the plague is in fact a hoax—and upon its confirmation, confesses that he did not have the strength of moral character to stand up against it, and found it easier instead to drink massively, and through this he was able to forget that the plague might be fake and pretend that it's real, at least temporarily. This is revealed to be the source of his drinking problem and his suffering from hangovers. While Bravek does not participate in the revolution itself, he gives the adventurer a list of people to contact to start the revolution. With his help, the player successfully stages the revolution and overthrows the Mourners, then returns to the elven lands to assist elves in the final defeat of the Iorwerth and the Dark Lord and the restoration of the elven city of Prifddinas to its former glory.

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