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Chrome goggles can no longer be obtained in RuneScape after an update but still exists in-game for those who had done so.
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Chrome goggles are goggles that players could receive for playing RuneScape on either the Google Chrome browser or the Chromium browser. Players that did not use either of these browsers could receive the item by downloading one of the browsers and using it to play RuneScape once. They were only available for a month after release.

The goggles were placed in the player's bank when they entered the game. The message given upon receiving the goggles was "Congratulations! By using Google Chrome you qualified for a free gift of chrome goggles! They've been added to your bank for you to collect at your leisure.". Chrome goggles can be stored in a Toy box in the player's house. The goggles give no stat boosts and are used purely for aesthetics.

Players can right-click the goggles while equipped to activate an emote, in which tentacles reach out of a portal and grab the player. The player breaks free, and the portal with the tentacles then disappears. The emote has a 15 second cooldown period, with a reminder, saying: "Please wait a while before using this emote again". After 15 seconds the player receives a message: "You may now use your chrome goggles emote again".

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Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 21 January 2013 (Update):
    • Chrome goggles and the dragon hairstyle no longer cause characters jaw to disconnect in chat head view.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Even if a player was no longer a member, if they still have "available" bank space (not surpassing the total limit), the goggles will still be deposited into their bank, even if it's already full.
  • This is the first non-game or card-related commercial item in game, because players need to have Google Chrome to obtain this item.
  • It was also possible to obtain these using a modified version of Google Chrome, such as Rockmelt.