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Not to be confused with Christmas cracker paper.
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Christmas wrapping paper only appears during certain events and may not be currently found in game.

Christmas wrapping paper is a reward currency for the 2021 Christmas event. Paper can be exchanged for mystery gifts at a ratio of 200 paper to one gift. Players may obtain a random amount of paper between 15 and 25 once every three minutes upon skilling or killing monsters, and 40 paper as a bonus reward when using Treasure Hunter keys. Starting from 25 December 2021, the paper from skilling and killing monsters is tripled.

The paper can be used to teleport to Postie Pete in the north-eastern corner of Grand Exchange in Varrock, and can be stored in the currency pouch.

Wrapping paper may be handed to Postie Pete at the Grand Exchange to receive a random assortment of white, blue, purple, and gold Christmas presents, with the presents mentioned first being more common. One present is given for every 200 paper handed in.

Some activities do not give wrapping paper. Known activities include using elite training dummies, crafting runes on certain altars, fighting in the Dominion Tower, training in Daemonheim, and fighting TzKal-Zuk's waves of enemies.

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  • hidden 25 December 2021:
    • Amount of paper gained from skilling and killing monsters is tripled.