Christmas loot piñata (2018)

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A Christmas loot piñata (2018) is a version of the Christmas loot piñata only available in 2018. It can be deployed and hit to obtain rewards. This will not yield any combat experience. If the owner does not destroy the piñata within 10 minutes, it will disappear and no rewards will be granted.

When destroyed, the owner will receive a 2018 Christmas piñata loot bag that contains their rewards. Up to 5 other players that hit the piñata (chosen randomly if more than 5 attacked it) will receive one of the following rewards, capping at 5 free piñata rewards per day.

Ironman cannot participate from this activity.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Looting one's own piñata will reward a Christmas piñata loot bag.

When looting other people's piñatas, the player will receive one of the rewards listed below, up to the daily limit of five, which is shared with other types of piñatas. Attacking another player's piñata will give the loot directly instead of in a loot bag.

The possible rewards from looting other people's piñatas are the following.

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