Christmas cracker (2018 Christmas event)

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Christmas cracker (2018 Christmas event) was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.

A giant Christmas cracker may be found at the north-eastern section of the Grand Exchange during the 2018 Christmas event. Players may contribute to the crackers completion by adding Christmas cracker paper to it, which grants 10 Construction experience per paper. To participate in pulling and looting the cracker, the player must have added at least 100 sheets of paper to the cracker during any of its construction phases. A maximum of 15,000 sheets of paper can be added to the cracker per cycle.

When a cracker is complete, the following message will be shown:
Game announcement.png The Christmas Cracker at the Grand Exchange is ready to be pulled open! If you contributed 100 papers, come and join in on the fun!

After the cracker is fully complete, it may be pulled for up to 10 minutes starting from the time of its completion. Players may choose to pull from either side of the cracker. However, players will earn more experience if the number of people on each side is balanced. At level 99 Construction, players may earn 100, 200, or 300 Construction experience per three ticks depending on ratio of players on each side. Difference of one player yields 200, while difference of three or more yields 100. After being pulled open, the cracker may be looted for a Christmas cracker crate. A player that has added at least 100 sheets of paper may loot the cracker at any time after it has been pulled open.

After an hour from completion of the cracker its build cycle is reset and the following message is shown:
Game announcement.png The giant Christmas cracker at the Grand Exchange has been reset and may be added to again! Merry Christmas!

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