Christmas cracker (2014 Christmas event)

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A giant Christmas cracker could have been found at the Lumbridge Crater during the 2014 Christmas event. Players could have contributed to the cracker by handing in festive paper to Santa Claus.

Once a total of 250,000 sheets of festive paper (spread across all servers) were turned in, a message announcing the cracker's completion was broadcasted in the chat interface.

A completed cracker had 1,000 life points, and required players on both sides to be pulled apart quicker. 1 life point per 2 seconds was deducted for every contributing player, whilst having a balanced team on both sides resulted in a deduction of 2 life points per 2 seconds per player.

Successfully breaking open the cracker revealed a chest, which could be looted by anyone for a festive lamp, a Christmas cracker joke, and an additional 50 cheer points. The emote Cracker Pull was also unlocked upon the player's first cracker pull. The cracker reset after 30 minutes, regardless of whether it was successfully opened or not.

After the event's removal, the Cracker Pull emote was awarded to all players who had handed in at least one festive paper.

Christmas 2014 cracker pull.png

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