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Chitin scraps are used to repair drygore weaponry, and may be obtained by using a damaged chitin on an anvil, awarding 10 Smithing experience per damaged chitin. Each damaged chitin gives 21-40 chitin scraps depending on the player's Smithing level. More than 40 scraps can be obtained if your Smithing level is boosted higher (not a virtual level) than 99 with pulse cores (and maybe other boosting methods). For example, at level 105, the player receives additional 3 scraps for 43 total. Damaged chitin is obtained as a 100% drop from all exiled kalphites except exiled kalphite workers.

100 scraps repair 1% of a mainhand weapon; thus 10,000 scraps are needed to repair the weapon at 0%. 50 scraps repair 1% of an off-hand weapon; thus 5,000 scraps are needed to repair the weapon at 0%. Alternatively, drygore weapons can be repaired for coins by Bob in Lumbridge or at the armour stand of a player-owned house.

When comparing using chitin scraps to repairing at an armour stand, the Smithing level at which the cost is equal is beyond the armour stand's price reduction cap of level 105. Thus, it is cheaper to repair drygore weaponry with chitin.

Chitin scraps can be smithed at any Burial Anvil, including the ones in the Artisans' Workshop. Due to the close proximity to the nearby bank chest, this is the fastest way to break down multiple inventories of damaged chitins.

Calculator[edit | edit source]

The number of chitin scraps you receive from damaged chitin varies with your smithing level, using the following formula:

Enter your Smithing level name=skillstat_Smithing_level|type=int|value=1|range=60,106|sublist=calcchitin name=scraps|type=output

let( sm, skillstat_Smithing_level ) let( make, floor(21 + ((sm - 60) / 2)) ) let( scraps, "At a Smithing level of " + sm + ", you will make " + make + " scraps per piece of damaged chitin." )

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