Chimes (player-owned port)

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Chimes icon.png

Chimes are a resource obtained in the Player-owned ports minigame. It is the main currency used only in the port.

Chimes are used to recruit Captains and Crew members.

The price of chimes from the Black Marketeer is 200 gold per unit.

Chimes can also upgrade the following:

Building Upgrades:

  • The warehouse
  • Icon Hotspots (for adventurers)

Boat Upgrades:

  • Rams/Figureheads
  • Rudders
  • Deck Items
  • Hulls

Players can also donate chimes to The Tengu to increase the chance of getting a Gu outfit piece from a Gift of Gu. A donation of 25,000 chimes guarantees a piece.

Chimes have a daily soft cap of 200,000, resetting back to 200,000 at 00:00 UTC if the player has excess.