Chieftain Gunthor

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This article is about the new Gunthor, who used to be called Gunthor the Brave. For the historical character, see Gunthor the Brave (historical).
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Chieftain Gunthor is the leader of Gunnarsgrunn. He is the father of Gudrun and the grandson of Gunnar, the founder of the village.[1] He places great emphasis on honouring his ancestors, particularly Gunnar, who he frequently praises.[2] Initially he believes this means being the raiders that his ancestors were, treating the village as a war camp rather than a peaceful settlement.[3] However, through the combined efforts of Gudrun, the dwarven poet Dororan, and an adventurer, he is convinced that they are actually settlers.[4][5]

While he upholds tradition greatly, Gudrun believes that he bought the house west of Varrock for her and doesn't want anyone to know about it.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Gunthor will be nicer to those who have completed the The Fremennik Trials.
  • After Gunnar's Ground, it is possible to have a drink with Gunthor. He and Haakon will say "skål", and the player will say cheers. A skål is a Scandinavian toast of friendship usually offered when drinking. After completing Glorious Memories, the player will say "skål" as well.
  • Chieftain Gunthor used to be attackable at level 29 but he became unattackable along with the release of the quest Gunnar's Ground.

References[edit | edit source]

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