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Chickens are the second animals unlocked at the player-owned farm. Unchecked eggs are purchased from the Farmers' Market. Upon clicking to check, but before hitting the confirmation box, eggs will convert to roosters and hens at a 50/50 rate. Raising chickens requires at least level 28 in Farming, as well level 20 in Construction in order to build the standard pens. Chickens can be placed in the two small pens (capacity of six animals each) and in the breeding pen (capacity of four animals).

Chickens may have up to three traits, which determine their selling price in beans to non-player characters, among other effects. Like all farm animals, they may be sold on the Grand Exchange in their unchecked form. Once they have been checked, however they may only be traded directly between players.

Chickens may be fed vegetables, fruits, and seeds.

Perks[edit | edit source]

Like other animals purchased on the Farmers' Market, chickens have separate perks for the males and females.

If an elder rooster is placed in a pen with a farm totem, you will gain the "As the Rooster Crows" perk. Tier 1 of this perk gives a 7% drop chance increase to receive ghostly essence while fighting enemies that drop it, for a number of kills after hearing a rooster's crow. With a second elder rooster in a separate pen with a farm totem, you will gain the Tier 2 version of the perk, which increases the drop chance increase to 10%. When the perk activates, you will receive the chat box message: The rooster's crow temporarily weakens the spirits, making them more likely to drop ghostly essence. After a while, the effects of the perk will wear off with the message: The spirits are no longer weakened by the rooster's crow.

If an elder hen is placed in a pen with a farm totem, you will gain the "Headless Chicken" perk. Tier 1 of this perk gives a 3% chance to halve feathers used (minimum 1) when fletching arrows, darts, or bolts. With a second elder hen in a separate pen with a farm totem, you will gain the Tier 2 version of the perk, which increases the chance to halve feathers to 5%.

Chicken Breeds[edit | edit source]

There are five chicken breeds in the breeding log:

Animal stats[edit | edit source]

Farming level 28
Pen size Small
Eats Seeds, vegetables, fruits
Produce Varies between breeds
Muck Bird droppings
Breeding cycle
(max cycle)
50 minutes (250 hours)
Breeding success chance (%) 45%
Growth time
Baby Adolescent Adult Elder
25 minutes 37.5 minutes 75 minutes 112.5 minutes
Growth check Farming XP
Baby Adolescent Adult Elder
250 375 750 1,125
Cured disease Farming XP
Baby Adolescent Adult Elder
12.5 18.75 37.5 11.25
Base sell price in beans
Egg Baby Adolescent Adult Elder
4 8 40 34 28
Buyer Henrietta (chicken chaser) chathead.png: Chat head image of Henrietta (chicken chaser)Henrietta (chicken chaser)
Last spawn(wrong?) April 25 2019 00:00 UTC ago
Next spawn(wrong?) April 26 2019 00:00 UTC

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Main article: Farming achievements
  • Life, Uh, Found a Way (RuneScore.png 20) – Hand in a lizard chicken called Malcolm with the Chaotic trait to Granny P.
  • Bad Egg (RuneScore.png 0) – Successfully breed an EVIL chicken.
  • Chickensworn (RuneScore.png 0) – Successfully breed a chicken with the Ravensworn trait.
  • You Had a Chicken (RuneScore.png 0) – Complete all chicken breeds.

Gallery[edit | edit source]