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Chef's delight is a drink that temporarily boosts Cooking level by 5% +1 (rounded down, 1 to 5 levels, depending on Cooking level) while reducing Attack and Strength by 2 or more levels. It also heals 540 life points.

Members can make chef's delight via the Cooking skill at either of the breweries in Keldagrim and Port Phasmatys. They require level 54 Cooking, and gain 446 experience points in doing so.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Temporarily increases Cooking by 1-5 levels (see table below)
  • Heals 540 life points
  • Temporarily reduces Attack and Strength by 2 levels

The following table indicates the amount boosted by Chef's delight:

Cooking Level Boost
1-19 +1
20-39 +2
40-59 +3
60-79 +4
80-99 +5

Creation[edit | edit source]

Chef's delight.png Chef's delight ×8
Cooking-Hourglass.pngMake-X GE icon.png
284 XP-5 (3s) [r 1]72,808
Cooking Cooking level54
Brewing Must be performed at a brewery
9 experience is awarded upon brewing in the fermenting vat.
446 experience is awarded upon draining the fermenting vat.
P2P icon.png Members only
Bucket of water.pngBucket of water25311,062
Barley malt.pngBarley malt21,1852,370
Chocolate dust.pngChocolate dust41,0284,112
Ale yeast.pngAle yeast1264264
Beer glass.pngBeer glass89087,264
Total price15,072
  1. ^ This time is for adding items to a vat. The vat takes 2-5 days to brew.

A player may also obtain Chef's delight from looting a Gourmet impling. It can also be obtained from a Chef's delight barrel in the kitchen of a player-owned house with a Construction level 48; however, this ale will disappear when the player exits the house.

The Chef's delight will not stack with the Cooking skillcape boost, making the maximum Cooking level with this drink 104.

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