Chase the Monkey

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Chase the Monkey was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Worlds Icon.png Worlds 76 and 60 were the unofficial worlds for this event.

Chase the Monkey was part of Jagex's Wild Weekends running from Saturday, 26 May to Monday, 28 May in 2012. Players could hunt for ten monkeys across RuneScape in a way which resembled Penguin Hide and Seek. Instead of earning points, players could obtain a monkey cape once they had found all ten monkeys. Players did not need to talk to anyone to start the hunt. They simply needed to find the monkeys. There was no way to keep track of the number of monkeys found, but the monkey cape would appear in players' inventories once they had found all ten.

Unlike penguins, monkeys spawned at different locations and in different disguises from world to world. However, they were still technically the same ten monkeys. It was possible to spy a monkey on one world in one disguise, but get the message "You have already caught that monkey" when attempting to spy a monkey on another world in a different location and in a different disguise. It was not possible to spy more than ten monkeys under any circumstances.

Should players lose or destroy their monkey capes, they may re-obtain them from Diango in Draynor Market or, if they have one, the Toy box in their Player-owned house.

Approximate last known locations of monkeys are shown below.

Locations On World 76[edit | edit source]

No. General Spawn Area Type Location last seen on world 76 Commonly called
1 McGrubor's Wood Bush Inside the fence (in the north-west corner) Seers Village
2 McGrubor's Wood Bush Inside the fence (right by south fence) Seers Village
3 Yanille/Oo'glog Rock South of South Feldip Hills complex. Oo'glog
4 Lumbridge Bush

Just north of Chicken farm (east of river), trapped between cart and hay bales

5 East Ardougne Barrel Trapped in church. Ardy
6 Kharidian Desert Cactus

Extreme south-east of the desert just east of the Sophanem wall.

7 Yanille Bush

On Gu'Tanoth by Bogrog the shards trader.

8 Tree Gnome Stronghold Bush North of Gnome Ball, in tortoise pen. Gnome
9 Outpost / Making History quest start point Bush Inside the outpost (North west of ardougne) Outpost
10 Outpost / Making History quest start point Bush Inside the outpost (North west of ardougne) Outpost

Locations On World 60[edit | edit source]

No. General Spawn Area Type Location last seen on world 60 Commonly called
1 Al Kharid Cactus

Al Kharid Palace

2 Lumbridge Crate H.A.M Entrance


3 Falador Rock Behind the furnace in Falador (next to river) Fally
4 Varrock Rock

Outlaw Camp (South east of Edgeville, South west of Grand Exchange)

5 McGrubor's Wood Bush Inside the Fence South of entrance Seers Village
6 Ardougne Bush

Ardougne Church

7 Port Khazard Barrel House Inside Port Khazard Port Khazard
8 Observatory Bush West of ZMI altar, wooded area Observatory
9 Feldip Hills Rock

Inside Yanille south wall

10 Karamja Bush Directly east of Shilo Village Brimhaven, Musa Point

The Monkeys[edit | edit source]

Monkeys in disguises
Barrel of Monkey! Not much of a monkey puzzle. This ain't no brass monkey! The nature of monkey was irrepresible! Not as fun as a Monkey in a Barrel. Quit monkeying around, there's not mushroom in here.
Barrel Bush Cactus Rock Crate Mushroom

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Upon examining the cactus monkey, the game chat read "This ain't no brass monkey". This may have been a reference to the song "Brass Monkey" by the Beastie Boys in a tribute to Adam Yauch (MCA) who passed on 4 May 2012.
  • The rock monkey's examine text, "The nature of monkey was irrepressible!", was a reference to the cult Japanese TV series Saiyūki, the dubbed version of which is also known as Monkey or Monkey Magic.
  • Chase the Monkey was initially only released on world 76, most likely as a hotfix to the same technical issue that caused its release to be delayed by around 6 hours. Approximately 12 hours later, it was released on all worlds. For possibly the same reasons, monkeys remained on world 76 for about an hour after they had been removed from all other worlds.
  • The monkey's spy option said "Spy on" instead of "Spy-on" like the penguins option.
  • Despite having the graphics in the game cache, the mushroom-disguised monkey never made it into the live game.